News; Eight fruit defend man health

Published: Thursday 09 April, 2015

Man health needs daily care to maintain, fruit is indispensable to ensure the health, so what kind of fruit is good for a man healthy? See below.
Eight big fruit defend man health
Man is a carnivorous animal, don't go without meat huan, in addition to meat, men also need the other nutrients, here are a few large fruits that are good for the health of man.
Litchi: use of litchi 15 to 20, break after adding water decoction, can cure testicle swelling.
Lotus seed: take fresh lotus seed (lotus seeds in the center of the little green buds core don't strip) 15 g, water decoction, taken together with the lotus seed, wet dream too much, also desirable fresh lotus seed 10 grams (with lotus nut), place on rice steamed chewing, twice a day, even served two days.
Grape: take 250 g fresh grapes, peeling, nuclear mash, add right amount water YinFu, one to two times daily, even served two weeks, can treat prostatitis and urine short red acerbity pain.
Kiwi: 50 g fresh kiwi fruit, mash heating hot water 250 milliliter (about 1 cup), smooth hind YinFu, can cure front inflammation after acerbity pain while urinating.
Mango: mango nuclear 10 grams, after bad water decoction, twice a day, even served two weeks, can rule orchitis and testicular swelling.
Gingko: take 10 pieces of ginkgo nut, kernel shell and stir-fry until after edible, twice a day, even the fat gone for two weeks, can treat spermatorrhea too much.
Papaya: 250 g with papaya, slice into 1000 grams of rice wine or liquor, two weeks after soaking, drinking 15 ml each time, twice a day, even served two weeks, can cure kidney empty YangJu insecure and premature ejaculation.
Red jujube, jujube beneficial blood strong function of god, often eat can play the role of blood red, has a good effect of diet in patients with premature ejaculation and impotence.