News; 10 tips to attract women's eye

Published: Wednesday 08 April, 2015

Opposites attract is right, but not everyone can attract the opposite sex. Men want to attract the attention of a woman, you need to improve their own charm. So men how to attract women?
Attract women look 10 coup
There is no the same thing in the world, and of course there is no the same woman, so how to attract the attention of a woman that will test the charm of men, so how to better improve their own charm?
1, the leading global
Let's not go, I will like to around which, after all, you are the pursuit of love, now is not helpful, instead of using just the body language we said, the preparation work, show you and others different places - you control the situation, no matter it is windy rain, sun exposure, you can be the charm of nature reveals itself, whether two people alone or a group of people going out, you will naturally blend in different occasions, the funny when producing the punchline, the serious when also can say some truth, this town field ability, to make you stand out from other 99% of men!
2, to make good use of body language
Sometimes not girls don't like you, but you sound almost the voice of the cry, blink eyes, and it is not up to the shoulder, always let a person look just think you have no confidence to oneself, but is chasing girls! The front to develop self-confidence you run which go to? Hold your head high, and don't write your heart full of gains and losses on the face, even if less naive she will fall, you also need to show that you can carry up to hard skill!
3, straightforward
As said earlier, sometimes simple conversations, instead can remove each other's heart, the same, want to offer each other out, sheepishly ask each other when free, wriggle instead to look some not natural, direct, and the other said you the next plan, ask if the other party is willing to join, this straightforward approach, sometimes it is a shortcut to success.
4, sweet words
We of course do not want you ready to fill the other fan soup, but when the other tentative complain that the sun spent their face, don't like idiot answer each other "yeah! You don't seem to be waterproof cosmetics!" Like "ok! You don't make up more charming!" This basic if the scene is the automatic reply system must be included in the head!
5, after the phone number is elegant
Remember, it is elegant, not called you out of despair, when you get the other person's E-mail or phone number, graceful exit can keep each other's appetite, let the other side is looking forward to you what to do next, is a good way to another surprise.
6, prepared
Except nobrainnogain noplan nogain also! Especially when chat topic, don't think too much, too complicated, sometimes a simple "where you live?" Or "what's your favorite movie and music?" , but the most let a person not fortification, open each other a lot.
7, avoid awkward silence
, especially those who just don't know very well, the conversation would accidentally into some kind of awkward silence, if you can take the initiative to jump out to find some interesting topics to fill this gap, absolutely can not be the mission of "atmosphere is the man's responsibility", success in the girls make a good impression in the heart, if feel improvised response is not good, it is to do to prepare in advance the subject! Nopainnogain nobrain nogain same!
8, develop confidence
What is called a confidence? Confidence is easy to deal with dilemma, elegant and comfortable handle in the hands of every thing, don't worry, not anxious, no, it's time to show grace smile, when the hard can also hold their principles, when can you raise your hand is cast sufficient between revealed your confidence, absolute can attract attention to girls.
9, practice on the Internet first
Excessive addicted to online virtual world, can let a person into a otaku world indeed and gone forever, but always use network of uniting the chase female secrets too!!!! At least in the drag text messages on the network, to be able to achieve not dull, not ice, don't let a person not on words, in the real world is there a way to face to face and hot girls but not blush not back not let ugly scenes, to capture the wind's heart!
10 and self-reinforcing
Good birds choose wood and habitat, is the younger sister also can choose to live male and ah! So want to attract the attention of the girl is the most basic way, is to strengthen his condition!!!! Read more books to humanities flavour, watch movies to cultivate more artistic taste, or to learn more languages or talent or financial tools, otherwise... Why the somebody else want to leave other conditions better man for you?