News; Different ways of sex to adopt different method of contraception

Published: Tuesday 07 April, 2015

Sex to birth control, this is who all know, but how to do a good job of contraception, must have a lot of friends all is a little knowledge, also is always a way to use it.For unmarried women sex life how to contraception, kiss can know more about it, different ways of sex can also use the different methods of birth control.Both fixed and boyfriend cohabitation, intrauterine deviceSexually transmitted disease risk is low, can choose efficient and stable intrauterine device.Clinical practice suggests that sexual partners stability of unmarried women use intrauterine device is safe.Due to the unmarried female uterus wall of big tension, high sensitivity, the intrauterine device is easy to shift or fall off, should strengthen the follow-up, regular ultrasound check ring, reduce failure.Both fixed and boyfriend cohabitation, short-acting contraceptivesFor both fixed and boyfriend cohabitation women another appropriate choice is shorter than the pill, the third generation of oral contraceptives with low dosage, high efficiency, less side effects and can be pregnant after discontinuation of advantage, can temporarily don't want to have children for newly married or cohabiting women use.Activities are more frequent sexual partners, the more stable the women - rhythm, condoms, contraceptive filmRelatively regular daily life, the mood is stable, if regular menstrual cycles, you can choose the rhythm.In the safety period should use condoms or birth control contraception.Sexual partners unstable women - a condomDue to easy STDS, AIDS, etc., from the perspective of safe sex, sexual health consideration, should choose condoms for birth control.Condom use convenient, good effect, small side effects, and are cheap (pharmacies and condom sales set of machine set of convenient), has dual effects on preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.If often change sex partner, it is suggested that women should bring along their own condoms, durex condoms insurance with is the better choice, safer sex!