News; The four big benefits if men masturbate

Published: Monday 06 April, 2015

Masturbation is masturbation is through the manual way to let oneself to orgasm, masturbation there are many ways, it has certain harm, but also to have certain advantages.
A man's "aircraft" four benefits

Man benefits of masturbation
1, himself to solve their own sexual desires
This is the most fundamental benefits, no doubt about it, even if many would say masturbation is forced to work on, but no matter how to say, your sexual impulse and sexual desire in the process of masturbation, obtained the effective satisfaction and relief, it is beneficial to individual's physical and mental health.
Things may not be the pursuit of perfection, advantages, disadvantages, begets also phase grams of reason, we should be aware that we may not be in the case of full belly blame bad food, after all the food to you for life, this is the most meaningful;
2, masturbation, effectively reduce the risk of sex crimes
Masturbation is worth advocating and encouraging the. After all, not every man is Edison Chen, after all, not every man beside each phase are accompanied by a woman's, of course, the same is true for women, masturbation the word today is not the patent of men already.
Said masturbation reduce sexual crime, of course, I'm not the first, really existing related data research proves the objective facts, this article believes that we can very easily agree, need not I say more;
3, for the first time masturbation, of course, men masturbate ratio is higher than that of women, which is also the consensus, then take the male masturbation, believe that for the first time in many men have started with masturbation ejaculation, a man who developed normally, basic around the age of 16 will have his life for the first time after ejaculation.
But the old man is rarely a sexual partner, masturbation is natural as the main role for sexual gratification. Is without dispute, beyond reproach, also from this point of view, it is desirable. Is the premise of course have certain benefits, is not too much for the principle, do things too far are harmful, this common sense is not only about masturbation;
4, masturbation is husband and wife sex life flavouring agent
We can simply think about it, we ordinary people are usually a lifetime of husband and wife life, life only have sex with a man, a lifetime can only accept a person's sex, the generation of fatigue is not who's fault, it is human nature, so at this time, we can neither make a marriage outside love, can't go out and find miss, how can our sexual desire to find a new life, so as to inspire new vitality.
Also only masturbation, of course, this is the best and the most rational choice, don't hurt anybody, will not harm any relationship and feelings, effectively prevent the extramarital love, reduces the chances of getting dirty disease, convenient and safe, cheap and more appropriate than masturbation, in this case, I think is not.