News; Male impotence Is heart and body disease

Published: Friday 01 August, 2014

Man word for impotence, taboo, had always this disease is not willing to and his wife said, mostly to take evasive attitude. More don't want to go to hospital for treatment, impotence treatment actually now is not easy, as long as cooperate a doctor actively treatment, will soon heal.
Men during the treatment of impotence will feel the mood be agitated, at this time as a wife, must understand her husband, don't blame her husband too much, sometimes men have impotence is not necessarily their own problems, the wife must understand more of the husband.
Although thought psychological factors are the main cause of impotence, but the present understanding is that for most men, impotence and many diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, drug, trauma, and operation and so on. If long-term psychogenic erectile dysfunction is not timely and reasonable treatment and psychological counseling, the illness will increase, and gradually transformed into organic impotence. At the same time, gradually increase the incidence of chronic diseases, which will greatly affect men, especially the middle-aged and old male sexual function and penile erectile condition, such as diabetes, the prevalence of ED can be as high as 80% above, and most of them are moderately severe impotence.
Male friends should pay attention to treatment with the doctor, don't always just impotence treatment at the same time get rid of bad habits in life is also very important at ordinary times, and a poor diet can also lead to a man of impotence, in addition to these, men during the treatment of impotence will exercise the body, this helps to better treatment for impotence.