News; Husband and wife get along in sexual fatigue for stay long time

Published: Friday 03 April, 2015

Men and women will have fatigue periodAfter the so-called fatigue period, it is sweet passion is exhausted, you start to see his not pleasing to the eye, and even his many behavior can easily trigger your dissatisfaction, anger, began to lose patience and understanding for him.This kind of situation have rules to follow in men and women get along with, and gradually shorten the time, from the previous seven years itch to now for three years or even a year itch, the pace of life seems to have had considerable influence on sexual feelings.Love period may be energized, feel very happy every day, after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Reason has always been the perceptual victory over at this moment, blind, but once in fatigue period, some have never pay attention to the disadvantages of the are beginning to take mind.Fatigue, stimulate fresh are slowly disappearing, when the passion to ebb, the image of each other has become true, living habits, a behavior, and even many tiny in a word, can become a quarrel.When one day you suddenly feel two people together is very boring, some tired, unhappy, stressed, there may be into the yellow sign of fatigue.At this time, be sure to pay attention to this kind of bad mood, don't let its development, is now a good time to save your feelings.Overcome fatigue love skills: with motivation to do thingsBefore fatigue period, colourful love become simple estimation and "always feel a little boring" the idea began to more and more out of wool.When you begin to don't tolerate each other's behaviors, you should be alert.