News; Men should know of it, women must learn 3 sex skills

Published: Friday 03 April, 2015

Summary: the commonly used three men have to know a woman tease skills, women must understand advances three skills.Women don't blindly the weakness of the bully you, waiting for a man, woman and learn how to tease a man, to be his desire fire burning is not take hold of you!!!!!!!!!!!Flirt with sensitive zoneMen are not like women, body have sexy area, in the man's body, the most sensitive, and he is also the most vulnerable the baby, so, should take good care of it well, not as he used to be so rude to his baby.Don't make too much of a change, you only need to change the grip, down with your fingers to tease his sensitive zone, with warm encirclement of the palms of his baby, he will lose reason for you immediately.Then, it is time for you to enjoy...     Women's body"Silent at this time a even said", that is the reason why no one man can resist a was not wearing a dress female nude, can say this is the man's animal.So, women should make good use of this feature, he is busy on other things, into you, you can stand in front of him, and took off his own clothes one by one.At this moment he is no idea to do other things.To explore the erogenous zoneAlthough said, a man of sexy area and no woman is much, however, there are a part of.However, these sexy area need to explore yourself, you can use your fingers gently caresses all over his body, at the same time observe the reaction of his facial expressions and body, thus find out his every erogenous zone, with a mouth tease you dig erogenous zones, the tease game, no man can resist.