News; What determines the ability of female orgasm

Published: Friday 03 April, 2015

As is known to all women is difficult to reach orgasm, a third of the women never or rarely orgasm in sexual intercourse, 20% only when masturbation, only 10% - 14% of the total to have an orgasm during sex, but people still don't know why so difficult and why there are so much difference between women.A possible explanation and consideration is the gene, the latest research shows that women can't reach orgasm during sex may be the result of the genetic code, this may eliminate the poor man's bed or unreliable.2005 British Kate Dr. Dunn, report them to the association of twin 4037 age of 19-83 - year - old female twins ability of orgasm and sexual DNA compare with private investigation and study, half of proving are identical twins, they are genetically identical, the rest is a pair of twins, their genes are not exactly the same.Supposedly, pairs of twins would raise growth in the same environment, so that researchers can tell the difference between belongs to the gene.After the conclusion of the first time that women in sexual intercourse or orgasm during masturbation ability may be in a great extent has a genetic basis, this ability is mainly written in their genes, it is still the most powerful evidence about the female orgasm has a biological basis.The past always think no orgasm just social and cultural psychological factors, there are 34% 45% with genetic factors, so the reason why women can't always orgasm is not a kind of sexual dysfunction, but in prehistoric times slowly and gradually formed a kind of advanced sex selection strategy.Another researcher, said: "the orgasm is the theory of the evolutionary approach, points out that at this time to see if a man can prove they would be a good provider or can rely on, whether or not enough patience and considerate to look after the children.Let women in distress situation is of poor quality of man is easy to make those female orgasm easily satisfied, that is too easy to orgasm of women is not very good chooser "instead. Women, on average, 12 minutes to orgasm, men need 2 1/2 minutes on average, how to adapt to this imbalance is tested.34% of the variation is due to genetic, intercourse 45% due to genes in masturbation.The researchers say the number is undervalued, because these data are based on personal questions.Genes may be, in fact, decide whether or not a woman orgasm the biggest single factor.Genes can function in the body, may cause the g-spot or variations in the clitoris, vagina Angle.They can also work at the psychological level, affect a woman's self-esteem or emotions, also may make the activities of the enzymes and hormones change.These genes are likely to come from the mother, but we can't say, it is not from my father.Opened the door to further explore these studies to identify the related genes, and the results will stimulate people to find and establish treatment to help women to solve their problem.If there is research funding and very hard, within a few years should be found that some of these genes.In theory, they all show a new mechanism to you, then you will be able to develop drugs to deal with them.But the research is too little, this is still a restricted area.For women is easy to orgasm during sex genes control indicates that it must have evolutionary pressure, it should bring biological benefits inevitably.