News; Each sensitive touch, inspire libido

Published: Thursday 02 April, 2015

Many people have a misconception -- human sexuality is a straight line, thought can get fully genital contact alone sexual pleasure, do not use up actually like that.Focuses on vent type, function type of sex toys friction is not pure sex, as well as delicious entrees will deserve to provoke people appetite eat snacks before, just a perfect dining experience.Modern sex between men and women, it's time to live learning.Let a hair to go toIt is said that on the caress of the hair, containing "want to sex with you, close to" information.Besides, this kind of feeling or brings you the most intimate, the shock is not severe.Broke a lot of people think, the hair has not pain, but actually, fondle my hair is the most sweet and the most efficient way to sexual arousal.The easiest way to learn is to put the hair gently with the palm, slowly along the hair by hair root into hair tip, if you don't resist, can with stomach gently fondle hair root, go upstream from the scalp.Hair root is a place where nerve together and is sensitive to external stimuli, plus finger feeling to brain center, touched each other the two people of the hair, the body will produce a novel satisfaction.Let an eye to imagineIs not call you with the mouth to suck the other person's eyes so "super sense", said here is that the eyelids.Actually, because the face with the mouth that a nearly rampant contact organs, many people ignore the eyelids touch this sexy zone.Because the eyes is very fragile, so for this kind of love must be very careful when, first partner to close your eyes, with little finger gently sweep on it, if the other party to accept it, can try to use a sticker lips, lips sensitive can feel each other's eyes move, if disrelish the lip prints on the contact surface of too big, feeling not enough meticulous, also can stick out your tongue, to the tip of the tongue gently dial the each other's eyes, so it is easy to induce sexual desire.Let the ears to feelFrom ears hear into continuous line, or the other from meet whisper to stimulate sexual feeling absolutely.Touch to the ear, on the other hand, believe that can produce bigger effect, many people were touching the ear is flushed, reason is also so.Ears stroke is - to hand around each other's shoulders, gently with two fingers with each other's ears and friction, the crisp itching feeling, also is associated with sexual pleasure.Arrived late, can to the tone of light blow hot ear socket, then with his lips to suck on it, this will make both sides of the burning sensation more exuberant.Of course, you can't excited to suck broken, even the other side of the eardrum, moderation is the principle.Let the armpits to smileAlar is a very sensitive pleasure zone, some people as long as being a touch will be laughing, fondle, here is a very effective methods to arouse the feeling each other.Put his fingers into the other side alar light touch;Or blowing gently with fingers, shortness of breath becomes, the cheek also involuntarily to become red.Another fondle the place more, no less will also touched the edge of the breast, breast, to cause the other pleasure is very effective.Can do is to further, gently pull each other's armpit hair, this makes people inevitably sweating, reach ecstasy.Chest to trembleThe chest is definitely a stimulus used most widely.Caress, in short, breasts, made arc shape rubbing it with both hands, and then draw arc from the inside out or opposite direction, period, and of course don't forget to rub gently with fingers nipples to make it stand at the excitement.Besides with the hand, can also use lip is strong and weak to suck the nipple, repeatedly shock, of course, also don't forget to nipple area around the areola.As for male chest fondle method, also is similar to the above, might as well with his finger on the chest generous chest blow gently, like a painting or tongue rolling on it, if he is breast Mao Fengfu, pull pull these maomao believe will make a happy atmosphere.Let the buttocks to speakHip is sexy and characterization, believe that needless to say, the simplest method is to directly, with the palm of your hand painting circle way to massage the other side of the hips, during the period of touching, can also be intermittent tightening five fingers, NieLong hips until the fingers are to sink in, so in addition to obviate drab feeling, also bring some joy for each other's sense of humor.In addition, with his finger to stimulate the coccyx close to the sag of the hips also can make a person whole body vibration, Shouting "I want!"Can't ignore the stimulating points, is a channel of this place.With his finger and let it blow gently from top to bottom, to be able to make the other party to bear to tighten vastus, joint muscle also affects the sex organs.