News; Never busy ejaculation during sex

Published: Thursday 02 April, 2015

Why almost everyone want to make love?For only having sex, can make you feel kind of comfortable words.But I think it is, not every man can by making love and really enjoy that kind of special sexual pleasure.I have been in the front reveals the waste of a lot of ignorance is the mother of modern men sex, and sex these mistakes let a woman deeply disappointed.Next, I also want to tell you, those who think skill mastery, ability strong men, many of them, but never to enjoy real good sexual pleasure."Hope to be able to enjoy the best sex!"Many men have this desire in the subconscious.But also just desire, even entertain wild hope, because it always can't realize.What is the reason?The most fundamental reason is the concept of error.A mistake, everything to lose.Even wrong target, also talk about what sex technique, nature also have no sex can enjoy the happiness.Garbage sex is popular, it took the greatest of faults is ejaculation for the sole purpose of sex.You may say: "don't make love to ejaculate?"You will seriously consider, might as well to make a comparison, brings men the pleasure of ejaculation is obviously a single, flat, and a woman's orgasm is complex, three-dimensional, of course.On the surface, these two sets of gear heaven and earth apart, essentially as long as the method is right, they can make thing look all right to agree together.Sex is completed the running-in, the lithe and graceful charm, is certainly the most difficult to overstep the gap.Indeed, "shooting out of pure sex is over" not only seems to be the golden rule in men, even women are understandable, think this is god's truth.Obviously, for the vast majority of men and women today, these two sets of gear still GuanShanXiang resistance, thousands of miles apart.