News; What time in the morning Sexual ability is the strongest for man

Published: Monday 30 March, 2015

Nature has many magical rule, even human sex is no exception.A U.S. men's magazine published an interesting set of sex, which contains a lot of sex laws, understand them, can help couples enjoy sex more scientific.6-7 o 'clock in the morning, a man the most sensitive bodySexologist card mar - he rana study found that 6-7 o 'clock in the morning, male body is most sensitive, sex is stronger.Because after a night's rest, fatigue was restored, and more energetic.At the same time, male male hormones in the body, degree of erectile more solid, durable.In psychological relatively relaxed, for their sexual ability is also more confident.So, wake up in the morning, and a lover tenderness is a good choice.15 minutes after the sex exchange, the effect is bestIf you have any misunderstanding between, need to apologize or explain, stay after sex again.The study found that 15 minutes after the sex, men and women were highest and tolerance of each other, seize the opportunity to communicate with him (her), many problems will be readily solved.At 10 o 'clock at night, the woman most likely to produce sexual fantasiesHarvard University school of medicine, experts found that around 10 o 'clock in the evening, the most active and creative cells of the female brain as they are good at imagination, and the content of the fantasy mostly related to "sex", "love".So, the man had better go to bed before 10 o 'clock, share the passion with her.From strangers to intimate contact took an average of 6 monthsLove is a process to know each other and explore, is can't enjoy the fun of love, slowly will lose the passion.Psychologists study found that in a successful marriage couples, they from acquaintance to have sex is the average time for six months."Six months is not long, the progress that makes you emotional and sex are more harmonious."The researchers said.8 p.m., male human ability the most unstableIs a man at 8 PM male hormone fluctuations the biggest moment of the day, he will feel tired at this time, reduced libido.If choose sex at this time, nine times out of ten will play.Within 1 hour after sex, not workSex suppresses logical brain regions activated, speed up the lower body blood circulation, temporarily let the brain ischemia, logical ability and the ability to solve the problem, so sex rest for 1 hour and then deal with other things.4.7 years change partners often die youngerReplacement of sexual partners may do harm to heart health, bad for blood pressure stability.A French study found, with multiple sexual partners or changed often, will speed up the aging, let the life expectancy of 4.7 years old.