News; The most unhealthy of these sex

Published: Monday 30 March, 2015

In sexual life, many people understanding and understanding about sex is not the same, there may be some mistakes of sexual behavior in their own point of view is very normal, but will harm their health.Those things wrong behavior, in fact, as some abnormal sex concept and behavior can lead to your health is impaired, the following together look at those of sexual behavior is not normal.
1, business type paraphilia: only "evil thought" will make it happy.The prostitutes or like yourself or a loved one is false for the pimp, pay porn telephone, or through through conversation to satisfy sexual desire.
Type 2, induce paraphilia: certain behaviors, usually occurs in sexual intercourse before, to obtain sexual excitement.Such as Lou Yin PI (show strangers sex organ, and gain pleasure from each other terrors and screaming, and then go home having sex with your partner or masturbation).And voyeurism, pornography dialogue crazy, pornography, friction PI (friction and extrusion stranger in crowded crowd), etc.
Type 3, predatory paraphilia refers to only in sex or things are stolen or robbed come, realize sexual excitement.This kind of people would imagine or play the role of predator and prey, including rape, kidnap, etc.
Type 4, sacrifice paraphilia: refers to one or two partners must use punishment to experience a strong sexual desire.Like a sadist (from damage, humiliation, constraints, punishment for sexual excitement on the others or painful), a masochist (sexual excitement from abuse), disaster fetish (sexual excitement from accidental or evil)
.5, choose type paraphilia: sexual partners must be generally cannot be accepted by the social convention.This kind of person again and again to pick, once the partner has been accepted social norms, then abandoned.Such as pedophilia, old man rapist, beast rapist, necrophilia, etc.
6, fetish paraphilia: in sexual behavior, some items should be the cause sexual excitement necessary "fetish".Women's underwear, bra, socks are common items, these items can wear on themselves or sexual partner, or masturbation in the watch and touch.This sexual behaviors are unfavorable for two people, but in the present life and often appear this kind of problem, so also remind us must pay attention to healthy sex, know some sexual health knowledge, this is also the key to guarantee harmonious sex.