News; The clitoris high tide sex guide

Published: Wednesday 25 March, 2015

What is the clitoris high tide?Make love and how to do ability to let his wife get the clitoris high tide?Reply: the clitoris is the clitoris.Compared with the vaginal orgasm, women more easily through clitoral orgasm.Having sex, but, to the clitoris stimulation is very little, so few women through the stimulation of the clitoris orgasm during sex.To do this, you need to for clitoral stimulation.1, the g-spot orgasm, the clitoris high tideG-spot orgasm, her husband also ejaculation, both sides feel relax tired at this time, but don't stop there, "there is another climax state:"The clitoris "blessing orgasm strong waiting for you to play up to his wife as a gift.2, the g-spot orgasm is not equal to the body to meetAs mentioned earlier, the climax of the g-spot is a psychological level is more, the clitoris high tide flesh is more, but sex is about physical and mental satisfaction, be short of one cannot;If only a g-spot orgasm, the body can't satisfy, could have sex on Monday just to orgasm, will need to have sex again on Wednesday.Male sexual ability reached its peak from 15 to 16 years old, then all the way down to the Lord to give away, and the woman is from the early to temporary sexual desire, to enter the peak at the age of 30 to 40, the intermediate behavior ability differences only when Mr To overcome the quality instead of quantity.3, sex is not satisfied, and ability to copeIf each sex cannot make his wife because of their sexual satisfaction up to saturation, give her a long time will not demand for sex again, when the husband is older unable to meet the needs of a wife.4, lie on your back stretch, clitoris stimulationAfter ejaculation brace, and then picked up his wife and he was sitting cross-legged on let his wife lying on his lap, like the guzheng flat;This stretching position, women are most likely to feel the sensitivity of the clitoris stimulation, and then gently with both hands, one hand hold the clit front skin pull the clit to forward, one hand gently to lubricant friction Yin, make circular stroke, less than one to two minutes, his wife will reach the clitoris high tide of strong physical pleasure (for local wet before touching, may need to use toilet paper partial to wipe, eli).When his wife in his bosom violently against moan, distorted body, stretched out his hand to hold you even continue to caress the clitoris high tide has been reached, at this time his wife has reached great meet, unable to withstand any sexual stimulation.5, the clitoris high tide, after love comfortAt this time his wife meet at point of body and mind, but not the end, if the perfect sex process as a percentage, if in Yin nuclear straight sets out to turn over of the way a big sleep after orgasm, that at best only fifty-nine point, what is the meaning of this?Although that didn't pass the exam, but can make-up examination, but is still fail, why?Make love not fighting, have a strong love and pity the whole process is very important, task end fall asleep, this is your lovemaking when combat, and his wife are likely to be regarded as the feeling of discharge to tools, so is a blemish.