News; what exactly are the reasons lead to impotence

Published: Friday 01 August, 2014

Just what are the causes impotence? Experts warn broad male friends, a lot of male friends to avoid impotence, but true to say 3456 to impotence, many male friends really stumped. So, what are the causes impotence? Take a look at below the expert's introduction.
Just what are the causes impotence?
Expert points out, impotence has become the only in typical sexual dysfunction disease, premature ejaculation, if not to be positive and effective treatment, it is easy to cause the patient's sexual serious adverse effects, many because it could not be patient to face, no treatment or take positive and effective treatment, so as to make the impotence repeatedly deterioration, at the end of the development of completely lost the ability. Impotence, make a lot of male friends over sex and happiness of life, husband and wife life severely disrupted, yourself and your partner can't get satisfaction, relationship harmony, no longer more patients with a lot of friend's marriage and family to the brink of collapse.
1, male friends in a series of genitourinary organ lesions, often lead to impotence disease: this series of pathological changes, with prostatitis, the prostate gland proliferation, epididymitis, varicocele, such as the most typical, if you don't get timely and effective treatment, it is easy to cause impotence disease, this is most obvious in the middle-aged and old male friends group.
2, a male friend if abnormal venous factors, also can cause vascular impotence disease: male expert points out, this to bilateral pudendal artery and its branches within the block or abnormal is most typical, could easily lead to vascular impotence disease in clinic, in addition the drainage vein system abnormalities, also causes impotence.
3, male friends if you don't take the drugs under the guidance of the physician, is also the cause of impotence disease: it is mainly reflected in some for sexual function exists on the inhibitory effect of the drug, if there is a mess and the phenomenon of excessive clothing, so long as it is easy to cause impotence disease.
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