News; sex is more exciting if wear stockings

Published: Wednesday 25 March, 2015

To wear silk stockings make love, let love liquid flooding more than each otherSexy and smoothSilk stockings is a kind of feelings, is a love of life.In the eyes of man, it always coquettish and mysterious.Bright red with some girls spoil her taste, wild, wear is bad but it is like a circus clown;White is pure little nurse, but easy to expand silhouettes, girls almost white, but relatively can give man heart treatment effect;Unless your legs really 100 points, deserve to go up the glass color of light color silk stockings just interesting, otherwise incarnadine filar socks is absolutely YangShengPin, want to hurt men don't wear.Gold green silk stockings very expensive gas, as the body swing and the different luster, look like Versailles in worship money the female, in the palace sat waiting for the man's caress.Pink flesh elastic mesh sockFishnet stockings variety, the most pure and fresh small grid security.Also have a kind of whole body stockings jumpsuits, like the as sexy catwoman in the movie to blood dress, black bud silk lining a nude body, looks not ventilation, but hole hole connected to the sky, SAO spray qiao color very much.But "tights" is systemic, fat is easy to squeeze, unless the body good, it just like the models on the catalogue, let a person whole body hair itching, otherwise will mostly be crowded meat packed like Michelin, baby.If we can get to the bottom is open, it is very convenient, the last minute also don't have to strip naked, "wear on" can directly!Lathe having sex with hollow socksHollow filar socks very by food color men and women.Socks and the design of the waist on both sides together, opening, under both ventilation and convenient.Especially the lathe, as long as the girl across the sat can pass in and out freely, without arch on the body wear off in the small space of the car;At that time also can use sex toys to arouse women's desire!Silk stockings sex climax fasterMen love lick feet, smell silk stockings, women's stockings in him to do everything.Love it with a smooth to his endless cool feeling.Like women like manly, dream tamed by man chest muscle, this love of silk socks, not only is the smell the smell, and visual images, dramatic tension and Yin wet smell combined with a special feeling., us media reported dozens of sexologists after investigation and research on more than 700 women found that only half of the women in daily sex to achieve orgasm, but if put on socks to make love again, to 80%.