News; Pause in due course during making love will last longer

Published: Wednesday 25 March, 2015

Sex, control the rhythm of the technique in timely pause can bring more profound to the woman an orgasm!1, sprint pull downThe meaning of this to pause for a moment when making love is a bit like.Sprint as a sports car, accelerate slowly, only release the gas, to go to the limit.Sex, when you "sexual interest angers, lift on your little brother will shrink, in preparation for the final sprint, you can ask her to help you loosen the accelerator - pull down, it can make you taut nerve relax.Make sex more durable, passionate and intense, rich and get drunk.2, make love to timely to a haltThis is not like a marathon, xu li, the final sprint, faster and faster.But as a competitive sport, high and low volt, especially up and downs, good control of the rhythm is king.Sex is just like a competitive game.There is always a prelude, the critical moment, the sprint phase.The critical moment, is to determine the time of the final success or failure.So, when have the feeling of "outbreak", you would have a penis or suspend sex, so that temporarily put out "fuse", a moment later return sexual intercourse, can obviously prolong intercourse of storing and releasing kinetic energy.3, squeeze reduce sexual excitementA game, when you run to the finish line means to an end.Sexual excitement, sex, too, when you reach the top, not far from the end of it.So, when will the sprint, immediately to pull down the runway -, let her use forefinger and middle finger up and down in the penis coronary ditch, thumb in the corresponding parts to pinch, pinch every 3-4 seconds relaxation time, hold your "valve", repeated drops down until your sexual excitement.4, lower center of gravity to save energyHealth is the source of revolution, physical strength is the capital of the body.But not all people have the athletes' physical reserves.In sub-health blossom everywhere, it is generally a lack of exercise, when having sex to energy efficient allocation is key.Strength, sex of the key factors.If you've been in the consumption of energy, there is always tired.So, might as well lower centre of gravity.This saves your physical energy, relax tense muscles.Let her run a way for you, the lateral horizontal, type, seated on the female is a good choice.5, use external things to helpSex is not a normal game, will not be too demanding.So, we can use some external things, to achieve the ultimate goal.Such as condom use persistent, can let little brother greater and longer lasting erections.You can also use the external use of agents, cold little brother will also make you benefit a lot.