News; How to eat can improve the quality of sex

Published: Tuesday 24 March, 2015

Since the ancient times, food and sex are inseparable.The fox news is published stories warning: unhealthy eating habits, is causing more and more people are diminished libido and sexual feelings of weakening the main reason.The expert points out, if you want to improve the quality of sex, must be "good" when it comes to eating.For men, eat more at ordinary times the sea cucumber, shrimp, leeks, oysters, garlic, etc., can help improve libido, can improve the quality of sperm.Women should eat yam, coix seed, beans, rice, mutton, seaweed and other foods of spleen and kidney, help to eliminate sexual apathy, solve dry sex, the common problems such as insufficient lubrication.Some of the food will have bad effect on sex, such as Fried foods, fat meat, animal offal, drinking, etc.Therefore, to do hun vegetable collocation, balanced diet, eat less unhealthy food, to enhance the quality of sex.Is worth pointing out, don't lose weight or a vegetarian for a long time, it will also affect sexual function.Experts also special remind, eat too full or just finished eating dinner, had better not sex immediately.Because blood more concentrated in the digestive system after a meal, will influence erectile, both sides would also reduce the sensitivity of sexual pleasure.So, had better choose sex after two hours after meals.If you feel tired after sex, can eat a boiled egg, supplement energy.