News; Six methods are more likely to reach orgasm

Published: Monday 23 March, 2015

During sex orgasm is usually due to women consciously take the initiative to participate in, just exactly how to make them more fun and more happy?!Have to do it!Round tripTouch the breast is almost the only way to reach orgasm.The most effective way of stimulating is to "circular movement,", centered on the nipple around search for "treasure".Two weeks before menstruation, the female chest feel the most sensitive, is a good time to pursue strong sexual feelings.The g-spot stimulationLocated in the anterior wall, y distance y crossing a few centimeters, finely experience, with finger touch can feel like walnut surface concave and convex.Can find the g-spot, under his wife's stomach gently downwards pressure, to strengthen the stimulation.G-spot orgasm is the body's strongest pelvic nerve is stimulated, which formed by its pleasure, is much stronger than y's climax.Point A stimulusA point is to explore more women in recent years one of the "sensitive spots", is located in the 5 cm above the g-spot.Here can nerve sex signals to the brain, make women more quickly into the state, sex climax acceleration.Can let his wife sat legs bent, your body back.From the external stimulation, must be gentle careful, because here is softer, more acute.Sex shortcutY is a woman of sex "crater", has the rich neural connections with y and the brain.Stimulate y, 3 minutes, most women will experience the extreme pleasure.On both sides of husband put finger respectively y, gently caress around, feel every aspect of the uplift, and gradually to speed up the pace.During sexual intercourse orgasm is usually consciously active participation, because women during sex, they will feel the most sensitive clitoris a position at the center of body contact with men, often make contact with the male genitals.So, basically, sexual intercourse that clitoral stimulation can be regarded as the stimulation of women in sexual intercourse for self.Sum up, in the process of sexual intercourse orgasm has the following six basic ways:(1) women active sexual positionThe female superior should be the most effective method, can let the woman get for the free movement of self-gratification.This position will make women tighten the legs at the same time, and together, or can adjust the size of the penis, their own way to fit a woman touch her clitoris with man's pubic bone.