News; 5 things to see man's possessive is strong or not

Published: Monday 23 March, 2015

Acquisitiveness is a "killer" of love, don't think women who are only, a man sometimes.Let's depth reading your boyfriend "hegemony", see his possessiveness in what aspects, below and see it together.1, he would help you make your decisionSmall point meal to help you choose what to eat, big to how your career planning, where did you go to play, the holiday he began to help you make any decision.2, he suspected that you were sayingHe's so suspicious he doubt every word you say, listen what he called "the truth", in this trust relationship, who are not happy.3, he doesn't like you to communicate with anyoneEven if you are chatting with friends or family or go out, he is not happy, especially when you act like it was very happy.He just want to let oneself become the only company in the people around you, this strong envy explain his possessiveness can't also?4, he want to know all about youNo matter how small, as long as it is all about you, he wants to know.Be careful, this is not necessarily love, protect your privacy.5, wrong is not in himThe way he always a show no weakness, put the blame on you.Once out of the question, it constantly blame you.