News; What food can enhance sexual function in daily life?

Published: Monday 23 March, 2015

What food can enhance sexual function in daily life?Eat plenty of high quality proteinProtein contains many kinds of amino acids necessary for human activities, they are involved in the body's tissues, including sexual organs, reproductive cells, cells, such as arginine is an important formula of sperm production, have the effect that improve sexual function and eliminate fatigue.Soy foods, especially the jelly contains rich arginine.High quality protein sources are mainly birds, egg, fish, meat and other animal protein and soy protein.Enzyme supplement should be paid attention toEnzyme is a special protein has a catalytic role in the body, can promote the metabolism of human body, is good for your health.If a lack of enzymes in the body, can appear hypofunction including sexual hypofunction, and even loss of fertility.Enzyme exists in all kinds of food, should be paid attention to when cook food temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, time shoulds not be too long, usable Fried, roasted, Fried, cooking method, so as to avoid the enzyme is damaged.Supply the right amount of fatIn recent years, with the enhancement of people's health consciousness, most adult men worry about fat and cholesterol intake can lead to obesity, heart disease, etc., so there are a lot of people take the fear of fat and vegetarian but from the perspective of the maintenance of sexual function should be adequate intake of fat.Because of the sex hormones in the human body is mainly derived from fat cholesterol, vegetarian for a long time can affect the secretion of hormones, adversely.