News; Women have sexual desire too

Published: Monday 09 March, 2015

Women have sexual desire, if women's sexual demands were not met for a long time, or that women have sex apathy, disgust, lack of sexual desire, can also lead to a variety of gynecological diseases.Here to understand together.Mention sexual desire, people often associated with is a man, think it is men.Actually otherwise, women also have sexual desire, and a little weaker than men, only women compared to reserved.If a woman sexual desire not met for a long time, not only can lead to sexual cold, disgust, etc., are likely to suffer from gynecopathy, moreover can also affect the mental health.The performance of the female sexual dissatisfactionFemale sexual dissatisfaction mainly for two kinds:1, his wife had strong sexuality, her husband's sex drive is weaker, when required by the wife sex, her husband can't response.2, the husband had a sexual desire, the wife has also had a sexual desire, then sex, but her husband's sex too fast, wife haven't reach orgasm, her husband is "work" in advance.Husband meet, and his wife have not real satisfaction with sexual pleasure.This kind of sexual desire under a bigger threat to women.The dangers of female sexual dissatisfaction1, women's sexual demands were not met, it will affect the health of the psychological and emotional.Sexual life quality, can look from the woman's state of mind, feelings good or bad.Women's sexual demands were not met for a long time, is likely to lead to "cheating", and even lead to marriage.Or that women have sex apathy, disgust, lack of sexual desire.Sex is not harmonious, today one of the main reasons for divorce.2, a woman's sex drive not satisfied, can make the body each organ physiological function.Female sexual desire, not satisfied, can appear some nerve function disorder, such as cardiac neurosis, general weakness, the whole body pain, insomnia, etc.According to the medical profession, according to a study of female insomnia patients, 75% were caused by sexual desire not satisfied.3, women's sexual desire not satisfied, can cause disease of department of gynaecology.Experts said that female sexual desire not satisfied, but also will produce little pelvic organ blood stasis edema, lesions.Because orgasm in sex Ed is less than, after the sex, the muscles of the women can not get sufficient relaxation and organ in congestion is not timely, thus cause the long-term chronic blood stasis of women's genitals, cause inflammation in delay no more, the erosion and ulcer, all ills.In addition, if women reach orgasm for a long time, the uterus would fuel, the size can be increased more than twice, vaginal wall appear edema, labia majora labia minora and is markedly swollen.Makes the women of frequent vaginitis, endometritis, adnexitis and other gynecological diseases.Although these diseases can be cured, but if often sexual desire is still not satisfied, will break out repeatedly, even suffering from cancer.Sexual desire is not the patent of men, women also can have.If a woman can not get the satisfaction of sexual desire for a long time, likely to develop a variety of gynecological diseases and mental illness.Female friends want to focus on their sexual health, don't think that sexuality is a shame, to make their sexual demands are met, if through sex life short of sexual satisfaction, can be realized by using instruments.