News; Premature ejaculation treatment what dietotherapy will work

Published: Monday 09 March, 2015

Suffering from premature ejaculation?The following diet party may be a good choice for treatment of premature ejaculation oh, and see it together.Got a premature ejaculation?Might as well try the following diet party, might have very good curative effect.1, medlar 30 grams, pigeon meat a () to MAO and viscera, put them, add right amount water, water simmer, meat drink soup.Or medlar 30 grams;Cattle a external genital organs, add water to simmer, eat meat, drink soup.2, seals, kidney, and glutinous rice, could brew, daily drink twice, each time 2 TBSP;Or a fur seal kidney (sliced), ginseng 15 grams, 50 grams of yam medicine, a total of soak them in 1 kg of rice wine or liquor drinking after a month, two times per day, 2 tablespoons every time.3, dog meat 250 grams, 50 grams of black beans, with salt, ginger, five-spice powder and a small amount of sugar cooking;Or dog star anise, fennel, cassia twig, dried tangerine or orange peel, apple, ginger and seasoning salt, and bring cooked food.4, sparrows, 3 (only) unhairing and viscera, and dodder, c. deserticola each 15 grams, were put into 1 kg of rice wine or liquor soaked in 15 days after drinking;Or the sparrow 3 ~ 5) (unhairing and viscera fry chopped and rice porridge, add salt and onion flavor, eat on an empty stomach.5 15 grams, shrimp, bean curd 3 pieces, add green onion, ginger, salt, cooked stew;Or puts wine after salt pan, 50 g shrimp with blisters soft, with 250 g chopped leeks Fried cooked food.6, c. deserticola tender (scrape off the scale, with wine to wash, to ink, thinly slice) potato, mutton soup to eat;Or c. deserticola (after boiled sliced) increase rice and mutton cooked porridge, seasoning food.7, first a rooster (unhairing and viscera), gas and a small amount of salt pan and stir-fry until done. Then the big bowl, add 500 g glutinous rice wine and steam cooked or cooked cooked food.8, sheep fat (lipid membrane) steamed or cooked, sliced garlic, ginger, black bean, onion, soy sauce, fennel, spices and seasoning mix feed;Or a pair of sheep kidney (membrane) and broomrape (wine soaked slices), medlar each 15 grams, boiled, add scallions, salt, ginger flavor drink.9, Chinese caterpillar fungus 4 ~ 5, chicken, 500 grams (can't eat chicken or pork), total after cooked food;Or with cordyceps 10 ~ 15 grams, fresh a placenta, lie between water stew cooked food.10, a pair of pork loin (open to SAO gland), 10 grams to walnut meat, mountain cornus 9 g (or three para 10 grams), malaytea scurfpea fruit is good, in 8 g into the kidneys cooked cooked food;Or c. deserticola 10 grams into the wash pork bellies, cooked, meat drink soup.11, dodder 100 g, poria cocos, 100 g encrinite meat 60 g.Medicine research at the end of the fine, with a yellow paste for the pill as wutong child.P: 30-50 pills.Applicable to kidney deficiency caused by premature ejaculation.12, yellow cream 150 g, rehmannia cream 100 g, lucid asparagus cream 30 g, cattle bone oil 60 g.We put beef marrow oil and three kinds of paste mixing, stirring the cold into a paste.The daily morning on an empty stomach with warm yellow rice wine containing 15 g of holding.Suitable for JingXie losses caused by the premature ejaculation.13, lotus seed, poria cocos, dwarf lilyturf each uniform, white sugar right amount, osmanthus in moderation.Put dried lotus seeds, poria cocos, dwarf lilyturf, a total of research into fine flour, stir in sugar, sweet osmanthus, steamed cake with hydration surface.Morning breakfast, 50-100 - g at a time.Apply to cases caused by deficiency of premature ejaculation.14, coix seed, 30 g, a few of starch, sugar, sweet osmanthus, the right amount.First semen coicis do cook porridge as usual method, rice cooked, put a few of starch, again into the sugar, sweet osmanthus.Late at night or early to eat.Apply to wet and heat retention caused by premature ejaculation, health food are often renal function.