News; Harmonious sexual secretion "happy hormones"

Published: Thursday 31 July, 2014

Orgasm, although only a few minutes, to take to person's joy can last more than 10 days. , The Times of India reported sex the wonderful feeling of peak generates a series of chemicals, let a person aftertaste that wonderful moment, keep good mood.
Researchers on 236 subjects between 20 to 65 years for half a year's follow-up, recorded the frequency of sex, sex of their feeling and evaluation, and make the record their emotional state. , according to the results are not satisfied with sex, negative emotions more, and sexual life quality, people always have an orgasm, overall life will become more positive and optimistic attitude.
A number of research evidence that the chemicals in the human body will on people's behavior, emotional and cognitive subtle influence. A harmonious sex life can make human body produce dopamine, which is a kind of "happy hormone", to bring in the most pleasure can last for two weeks. During this time, people will satisfied with the last time the sex, the pleasure of the heart is full of happiness, at the same time, also will be more desire for intimacy, will also be more rejection to in addition to partner of the opposite sex.
The study also found that those who not met for a long time in terms of sex, dopamine in the body will decline, easily become grumpy and unhappy. Then some people will ease through overeating, eventually harm the body.