News; Sexual intercourse pain May be caused to ovarian tumors

Published: Saturday 07 March, 2015

Some married women are husband and wife life happens when the phenomenon of sexual intercourse pain, is this why?What conditions will lead to female sexual intercourse pain?Experts say ovarian tumor of department of gynaecology can cause sexual intercourse pain, below together to get to know what other gynecological tumors can cause sexual pain.We know a lot of gynecological tumors are not easy to be found, in these early symptoms generally is not obvious, also does not affect the life, often overlooked, such cases, patients don't know, don't usually do, but in the late onset of symptoms, can affect the sexual intercourse, if the surgical treatment measures, and is also easy to cause sexual intercourse pain after surgery, the difficulty in sexual intercourse.So what are the gynecological tumors affect sexual life?Expert of department of gynaecology to answer:A, ovarian tumorOvarian malignant tumors account for about 5% of all gynecological tumor.Ovarian cancer is usually diagnosed in the late time, and in the clinical ovarian cysts and other benign tumors are also common.In general, ovarian tumor does not interfere with sexual function, if the case will be affected.Ovarian tumors caused by ovarian torsion, if the reverse is not very much, can lead to chronic intermittent abdominal pain and sexual intercourse because of impact would result in a sexual pain.Some ovarian tumors can appear ascites, interfere with the body activity, the existence of ascites in abdominal cavity is a kind of oppression, sexual intercourse will have influence, also can cause a variety of endocrine abnormalities, affect sexual response or sexual preference.In addition, some special forms of ovarian tumors, such as polycystic ovary syndrome may be accompanied by women, amenorrhea, obesity and infertility symptoms such as hirsutism.It is likely to reduce women's self-confidence and a body like a feeling, but also makes her deeply worried on its reproductive capacity, also can cause sexual disorder.Second, the palace pre cancerOfficer and cervical benign or malignant tumor rarely cause dyspareunia, rarely interfere with sexual excitement physiological process.Cervical cancer in women's cancer fat is the common malignant tumor, the disease is rarely occur in the women who never had a sexual intercourse, early marriage and early childbearing and the incidence of the disease seems to have the connection of epidemiology.When cancerous tumors involving the bladder or the rectum, sometimes use all pelvic viscera resection of pelvic extensive radical, and anterior pelvic viscera resection, postoperative could not continue to maintain sexual function, even if the lesion is small operation, also due to the change of organ in obvious influence on sexual function.Postoperative greatly reduce the length of the vagina, and vaginal elasticity due to further reduce the scar.The recovery of the sex life have to be very careful, but delayed too long and recovery of sex may increase the occurrence of fibrosis.So want to consult a doctor in the doctor's guidance, restorative life gradually.Three, vaginal tumorVaginal tumor because of the anatomic location, is easy to find, but if the tumor is too small, the location of hidden good words, there are some difficult to find, at this time if sexual intercourse, vaginal hyperemia and edema, impact causes fluctuation of the tumor and the compression symptoms, dyspareunia, possible pain, etc.If the surgery treatment, postoperative vaginal scars will also bring difficulties to sexual intercourse.