News; The magic benefits of se

Published: Saturday 07 March, 2015

Feeling more richThe national economic research institute, a survey has found, married people if there is a regular life, it brings happiness and earn $100000 a year, is the same effect.Improve resistanceResearchers at the university of the United States Wilkes to 16 ~ 23, 111 volunteers were analyzed and found that one or two times A week of sex, can make the body type A 30% increase to the number of immune globulin, thereby increasing resistance, help people to prevent colds and flu.In a good moodSemen contains zinc, calcium, protein and other nutrients, the female body.And, at the university of New York, one study has found that women in the sex without condoms, depressed mood is more optimistic, not easily.But the researchers also stressed that this result is only applicable to loyal partner to each other.Sleep soundlyAfter orgasm, the body secretes a hormone called oxytocin, it can let a person feel whole body warm and intoxication.Sex also promotes the release of endorphins, which is a natural sedative, let a person feel relaxed, are more likely to fall asleep.The influence of the two chemicals for men is especially obvious.Looks youngEdinburgh, Scotland royal hospital study found that sex can make women look young at the age of 12.In this study, participants men to watch from the mirror and assess on the other side of the women.Those who be judged as "very young" women, on average, four times a week sex.It's no coincidence, because early studies have found that sex can promote estrogen secretion, make skin more smooth, hair more bright.