News; how to do with Wife is sex apathy

Published: Saturday 07 March, 2015

China sexology association members, family psychological consultant Yi Ping answer: sex is both husband and wife, each other to meet an activity.If lose interest in sex, even indifferent mood, disgust, and is likely to be suffered from sexual disease.Sex apathy men and women both parties will meet, but statistics show that more women than men and heavy.With the survey data show that 26% of married women suffering from varying degrees of apathy.The causes of this situation generally comes from two aspects: one is itself has certain diseases, such as ovarian insufficiency, or adrenal cortical dysfunction and other endocrine glands.Second, by inhibiting, fear, disharmony caused by psychological factors such as sex.Sex apathy is rarely permanent and persistent, if the husband can consistently from physiological and psychological care, care, care for them, sex apathy into sexual excitement is possible.First of all, found after his wife sex apathy, husband cannot doubt, swearing, or you will make the situation more and more serious.Husband have to be patient, careful to care about her, let her feel thick love.Do more caressing movement at the same time, to avoid sexual postures and wife.If after the hard work, his wife is still not improved, will accompany her to the hospital to do check, excluding physical disease.