News; From urine to see men whether deficiency of the kidney

Published: Friday 06 March, 2015

Kidney empty is a big man, accidentally hit kidney have trouble in life, not only at work also has a lot of trouble.Frequent urination urgency is kidney empty?Here to understand together.Kidney is the man's a big trouble, there are several reasons for kidney, so how do you know if a man is kidney empty?In fact from the urine to see that the man is kidney empty, below and see it together.1, urinate a few times a day the most normal?A, 6;B, 7 times;C, 8 times;D, 9 timesCorrect answer: CExpert analysis: healthy urine standard is: eight times a day, 300 ml each time, the total does not exceed 3000 ml.If not causes of more than 8 times of drinking water, is called frequency.Many people think the old want to urine, affirmation is kidney empty.In fact, the most frequent urination had nothing to do with kidney.To urinate more frequently, but less urine output, it is possible that the problem of the bladder and urethra;There are also many times not only, and urine output, may is internal metabolic disease, such as diabetes or polyuria.Only to urinate and routine urine examination revealed the urine protein is high also, is likely to be the kidney.Some people urinate more frequently, because the old feel urinate.Can check list: at this moment to urinate urgently, excessive activity may be bladder disease;Urinate dull, don't worry, may be feeling nervous, or urinary tract infections caused by chronic inflammation of the bladder.2, best night several times at night?A, zero;B, 1 times;C, 2 times;D, 3 timesCorrect answer: BExpert analysis: pee eight times a day, seven times during the day, night, is the best proportion.Night too much, a situation in which results from bedtime drink water more.This is normal, there is no need for a night not deliberately decrease night of drinking water, unless it is congestive heart failure and hypertension patients, they need to control the quantity of drinking water throughout the day.Don't have to worry about at night to drink water more, rose up in the morning the eyes and face edema, only there is something wrong with the kidney, healthy kidney will be normal metabolism, won't cause swelling.Many old people in order to reduce the night, also dare not to drink any water in the evening, after a long time, it will make the urine is very thick, lead to diseases such as the bladder calculi.There is also a situation is, night didn't drink much water, is always a night, then during the day and frequent urination, urine more at a time, that has internal metabolic disease;Every time the urine quantity is little, bladder and urethra had a problem.A, 10 to 30 minutes;B, 30-45 minutes;C, 45 minutes - 2 hours;D, a minimum of 2 hoursCorrect answer: BExpert analysis: in general, the water in the body to normal metabolic need 30-45 minutes, equivalent to a class in the school time.However, this problem is even if choose other options, in does not necessarily represent your body, especially the kidney problems.The water in the body length of stay was mainly affected by two factors, one is to eat salty or light.Eat too salty, micturition time grow a little, because salt will cause water retention in the body.The second is you eat more or less.What also didn't eat it before the banquet drinking beer, will soon want to go to the toilet;And eat something, especially food again after drinking, there is not so easy to urinate.The reason is very simple, food adsorption water like a sponge, extend the period of its discharge.In addition, whether the body and the weather is hot and cold water shortage will also affect micturition time.Movement out of a sweat, water body height, drink water is absorbed entirely, easy eduction.The weather is too cold, moisture volatilizes is hard to through the sweat, can only become urine, let old people like to go to the bathroom.3, what color is normal urine?A, pale brown;B, colorless;C, the shiny yellow;D, bright red;E, soy sauce color;F, white.Correct answer: a.Expert analysis: healthy urine should be yellowish and transparent, just as you brew tea the first time.Drink water more, urine may also like the plain boiled water, water is a colorless;Drink water little, yellow like a beer.These conditions are normal.Abnormal urine, including the following: shiny bright yellow, explain jaundice is contained in the urine, or supplement vitamin B2, riboflavin is too much;Bright red like water to wash the meat, there are red blood cells in the urine, may be a surgical disease or kidney nephritis, or rifampicin equality affected by anti-tuberculosis drugs;Soy sauce color, with broken red blood cells in urine, also may be nephritis;White, very rare, explain with chyle in urine, derived from filariasis or kidney, lymphatic blockage.4, how much is the amount of urine a day?A, 100 ml;B, 400 ml;C, 1000 ml;D, 1500 ml;E, 3000 mlCorrect answer: DExpert analysis: every day we discharge of urine output is about 1500 ml.This is normal urine output, in fact, as long as a day more than 400 ml of urine, less than 3000 ml are not too big problem.Less than 400 ml called oliguria, normal person almost impossible, in the event, mostly acute renal failure;More than 3000 ml called urinary, endocrine diseases such as diabetes or diabetes insipidus, may also be a spiritual polydipsia.In addition, patients with chronic renal failure may also appear polyuria, especially increased urine at night.Think than plenty of water micturition can row poison, completely is a myth.As long as the urine output within the normal range, is enough to put toxins in the body, there is no need to deliberately to drink more water.5, healthy urine?A, turbidity;B, clearing;C, smell strong;.