News; How to improve male sexual ability ,food work wonders

Published: Friday 06 March, 2015

Men's nutrition is very important in everyday life, nutrition is directly related to the male sexual function, to introduce the below can significantly improve male sexual function food.Warm lust is the nature of the world, will aphrodisiacs is the shortcut to the bliss and a panacea?Continue to look down:Aphrodisiacs may not need to do according to science, among many folk hearsay or from myth, believe it or not, but also not bad.Aphrodisiacs, in short, is roughly divided into two kinds: related to the food itself composition and nutritional value;Triggered by psychological factors of physiological aphrodisiac lenovo, by sight, touch, smell and taste means manufacturing environment, increase sexual desire.Ancient folk aphrodisiac naturally "sex", but rather on coarse and blessed it is difficult to enjoy.Is went to the countryside to see those wedding playing by seeing the bridegroom off matchmaker in bridal chamber bed of walnut, red jujube, heard the aphrodisiac, mild nature, meant auspicious, this is probably the most common folk "sex" blessing recipes.The Man: oystersSlippery oyster with subtle flavors, it contains high concentration of composition of zinc, this material has been confirmed that can help you in making the male hormone Testosterone, truly a Man eating time.How do u enjoy the sex food:To thoroughly rinse it shell, remove all the soil and bacteria.Then pry them, on the broad, if you like, can squeeze fresh lemon on the above, and then give it to the skin.The most luxury: caviarConsidered aphrodisiacs have centuries of sturgeon roe, caviar, its standing position absolutely have great relation with Greek mythology, its 47 kinds of vitamins and minerals is extremely beneficial.The most enchanted: chocolateThe more accurate the higher the chocolate contains cocoa powder composition, and cocoa contain caffeine, caffeine is a refreshing and special use, the antidepressant effect such as swallowing stimulant "side effect", increase the degree of human sexual stimulation.The chocolate contains Phenylethylamine, the similar material with amphetamine, can make the brain to release to the enchanted it feel like to fall in love.The most High: the red wineAlcohol is actually a kind of human physiology at later stage of excitement, initially as the lead to suppress inhibitors, even suppresses the sex organs, so the only appropriate is tasted, drunk to have sex.Enough is enough, alcohol is a great aphrodisiac, it ease tension and anxiety effect, help to encourage, promote adventure, chasing girls who are braveOf love concentrated wine experts said: "red wine to the mysterious feeling, can change due to external factors, its taste taste can become very complex, with lovers when having a meal is most suitable for drinking, but don't drink too much, two cups to the belly can Relax, the heaviest if with large glass wine, as long as gently shaking, bouquet will be 4 excessive, even if the wine is drunk, people also from drunk, suddenly become very romantic atmosphere."The "sweet" : / garlic garlicGarlic has just like the nature is a kind of sexual characteristics like fire, eat raw feeling a stimulus such as a hot, or experiencing an orgasm.The note is the garlic should not be used for easy to anger or hot person, its characteristics of rapid detoxification, may be more than the body can load level.Taken the hint:If you're having sex at the same time can't accept the smell of garlic, then USES the garlic capsules, it will also work on your sex life.The Yin: papayaPapaya aphrodisiac is induced by psychological physiology of the aphrodisiac of lenovo, its appearance is reminiscent of the women plump body, add some imagination, two sides it like some part of the female organs?As for breast enhancement, probably also is just a beautiful legend.The most concentrated: Indian currySpice is a natural aphrodisiac, hu completed intoxicating effect, pepper stimulates the body blood circulation, mustard stimulate gonad, and so on, variety have to listen to is not unheard of!To do taste aphrodisiac spices, Indian curry is preferred, its ingredients include turmeric, hu completed, mustard, red pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, fennel, such as a variety of spices, the most strong aphrodisiac degrees.The most hot: chiliEat spicy can make the person whole body hair roll sweating, the mouth is on fire, between lips in a half closed cooling, out of the numbness of the tongue shook the air, extremely use up suggestive meaning.Therapy with chili is very wide, including the treatment of asthma, fever, sore throat and airway infection, digestive problems, a toothache, and even cancer.The red: tomatoTomatoes are native to Mexico, explorers brought back to Europe in 1523, when the tomato is yellow, so people call it the "golden" Italy.Tomatoes at the time were believed to have strong aphrodisiac effect, even assuming that eve in the garden of Eden to Adam to eat the forbidden fruit is tomatoes.Tomato early americans more regarded as an aphrodisiac, missionaries use is forbidden.The most hard: walnutWalnut kidney effect, in the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, kidney dominating sexual function.How do u enjoy the sex food:Eating walnuts raw (no salt or sugar).Or, break some fresh walnuts, and sprinkle some salad in the above, in order to make you get the energy you need.Half of the love in the world are associated with eating, rarely to statistics how many "sex" blessing is to eat out.To eat eat more important today, eat out of "sex" blessing, perhaps is much more important than eat satisfied!