News; Seven kinds of exercise can enhance the man Sexual ability

Published: Friday 06 March, 2015

Sexual prowess is every man care about things, men are hoping their sexual ability strong, what method can improve the ability of male human nature?To introduce the below can improve sexual ability of sports.The benefits of sports has a lot of, especially for men, sports can not only enhance physical fitness, but also can enhance the capacity of a man's sexual oh.Under the below small make up to introduce what sports can improve sexual ability?1, the cat stretch likeAs the name suggests this movement shaped like cat stretch;First, arms stretched forward, hands touch the ground, and then knee above body sit back to hip contact heel feet into a kneeling, knees stick, hip heel, stretch arms, head and back, as far as possible movement to maintain 10 to 15 seconds, then slowly relaxed, repeat the action. 2, the press-up curved backApproximate the press-up ordinary posture, the difference is to stick to the knee.Arms slightly bo head support outside the ground, and then bending arms do straighten the press-up action.Pay attention to keep the waist into microbend, maintain 10 seconds each action, and then start do it again, but remember do it according to his ability. 3, stomach stretchFace to the ground and will straighten the body lay down, arms straight forward, head slightly raised, arms forward and feet back as far as possible, as far as possible each stretch to maintain 10 to 15 seconds, then slowly relax.4, horse riding exercise strengthSome people think that.Ride a horse when there is quite a common state of mind and sex.The control of them.To master.Control.Disposal.Change.Even do a variety of "initiative" experience.And sex of the process is similar.In fact.Horse riding can exercise male body agility and coordination.Can also make men's muscles.Especially the leg muscles.Men have more strength in sex.5, water skiing, strengthen the durabilityWater sports belong to the great physiological load of exercise and aerobic exercise.In particular, water skiing.Help a man in the bedroom to strengthen the durability.In addition.Experts point out that.Also can make the hips plump rounded skating.The vast majority of women admitted.The most attract their eyes is always male with meat and strong hips.6, catwalk"Catwalk" fashion model patent, and we have strong kidney enhance sexual function."Catwalk" model on T stage, its characteristic is feet feet are "one" glyph walked in a line.TCM expert points out, "catwalk", besides can enhance physical fitness, alleviate psychological pressure, due to the position on a range of hip, the illicit close to human body place can have the effect of a certain degree of extrusion and massage, can achieve strong kidney enhance sexual function.In addition, the torsional hip can not only keep the groin muscle tension, also can improve the pelvic blood circulation, prevent and reduce the symptoms of prostatitis.7, incremental delay training methodAs the name suggests, the gradual delay training method, through strengthening the ability of controlling ejaculation, such aspects to enhance sexual function, and can prolong sex life.A complete set of method does not use nor an operation.With the help of professional instructors (here to special emphasis on the role of professional instructors, because each person's psychological mood is different, need professional coaches make targeted to enhance sexual function of male professional instruction).On the one hand, by strengthening the physiological tolerance, to improve the ejaculation "threshold", don't let ejaculation behavior get across the "threshold" and ejaculation easily;On the other hand, by strengthening the psychological control, reduce (reduce) across the threshold, the ejaculation impulses under threshold of ejaculation, so further prevent premature ejaculation behavior to.Achieve the enhancement purpose to the sexual function, but also extend the period of the sex life.The training time is long, however, typically for 30 days.If you want to improve their sexual ability, lies in persistence.Only insist for a long time to go to the right amount of exercise, to improve their sexual ability, rather than a few days will have the effect of exercise.