News; How sex hormones affect female sex activities ?

Published: Wednesday 04 March, 2015

Sex hormone, is crucial to female sexual activity, low level of sex hormone, can cause female libido.But also has a low level of sex hormones have only enhanced libido, can together to see it below.Female pituitary gonadotropic hormone secretion, can adjust the structure of the ovarian secretion, pregnant female sex hormone levels, is crucial to female sexual activity.Women before and after the menstrual period, for example, because of the sex hormone levels drop, sexual desire is relatively lower.Another example, enter old age woman, because the ovaries gradually atrophic, sex hormone levels significantly decreased, can cause sexual indifference.When these older women complementary sex hormone, can make their restorative requirements.These can prove that: the sex hormone and sexual desire are closely related.Although sex hormone levels are closely associated with sexual desire, however, the strength of the sexual desire is central regulation and control.Sex central by human consciousness, psychological state, social factors, the influence of environmental conditions, etc.For example, some women very fear of pregnancy, abortion, sexual desire is not strong at ordinary times, especially the rhythm.Strangely, these women before and after the menstrual period, while the low level of sex hormones in the body, but it appears more sexual.This fully proved, the person's psychology and consciousness of sex center also has a huge impact.So, how to let the woman keep good desire?The key point, both sides of husband and wife should keep a harmonious sex life.In sexual activities, to eliminate all interference, the man induced, to strengthen the sex of her touch her sensitive area, such as the clitoris, breast, to stimulate the woman's sexual desire, and prompted her to orgasm.At the same time, the male orgasm is best can synchronize with the woman, let both sides immersed in sweet incomparable sex.After the sexual intercourse, the man need a long time to caress the woman, let the euphoria of the fully enjoy sex.Otherwise, sex only to satisfy the male physiological desires, and the woman of sexual pleasure, over time, is bound to cause female sexual desire a recession, lead to unpredictable results, even the harmony of a family, the couple divorced is not rare.