News; The man standing for a long time be careful injured testis

Published: Wednesday 04 March, 2015

Studies have found that male long standing easy testicles venous blood backflow is bad, affect the spermatic veins in the scrotum, may be caused by varicocele.Men standing for a long time, it is important to note that at the appropriate time to move.Recently, a 20-year-old young man to the outpatient service consulting, said he always felt that a fall bilge feeling on the left side of the testicles, dull ache, symptoms aggravated after standing for a long time.Through touch, I found that patients with the left side of the scrotum with earthworm vein clump, by doing B to exceed check, the final diagnosis of varicocele on the left.Varicocele is refers to the spermatic cord in cirsoid venous plexus by blocked the circuity of expansion.Varicocele in adult male prevalence was 10% ~ 15%, there are 25% of the patients can affect fertility.Most patients with no obvious symptoms, some patients of scrotal and testicular belly ache, some with scrotal moisture.In the tired, long walk, will be worse after strenuous exercise and sex, and can alleviate after lay down and rest.General varicocele is often found in physical examination, there were patients to find the scrotum with painless earthworm mass then see a doctor, a few people because of infertility clinic found.In the clinical, the most common method of diagnosis of varicocele, joint doppler ultrasound is a medical examination.For the treatment of varicocele, generally without any clinical symptoms such as discomfort, if recent birth wishes, temporarily don't treatment;But if there are local discomfort, it should be treated actively.There are two kinds of treatment, medication and surgery.Usually first USES the medicine conservative treatment, activating blood and invigorating the essence of traditional Chinese medicines are available, and to observe the effect of 3 ~ 6 months of treatment, if the effect is not good, can be used to further surgery.Studies have found that long standing easy testicles venous blood backflow is bad, affect the spermatic veins in the scrotum.Therefore suggested to men, standing for a long walk around every hour or sit down.