News; The bedroom decorate clever will upgrade good sexual

Published: Tuesday 03 March, 2015

There are many factors influencing the sex harmony, do you know the style of the bedroom also affects the harmonious sex life?Take a look at how to decorate a bedroom can improve sex.Sexology expert points out, should be a clear definition of the concept of such: sex in the bedroom environment decorate on, move a little, spend a little time, for a good happy family life and sex is a very necessary and helpful.When couples to decorate your new home, especially when they are in the bedroom, if you pay attention to the bedroom to decorate effect on sex?If not realize, here is to discuss how to create attractive bedroom "environment", the environment is to belong to you couple, don't be afraid, don't be afraid of other people's comment: oh, this two bedroom, in the modern society, don't break into the bedroom, it is a kind of everyone has habits of civilization, unless the owner's permission.Let's talk about the bedroom is tonal.First marriage of bridal chamber is decorated, should adopt reddish hue is more appropriate, because reddish belongs to the warm and bright color, can you give us joy, and happiness, elegant, gentle feeling.In the countryside, like to use the gaudy colour as the main body in the past, now they have changed.Because the gaudy likely to lead to continue the spirit of excitement, time is long can lead to mental restlessness or a breakdown.In general, in the long run, is not confined to the period of marriage, it's better to consider his wife's love.Someone put forward such principles: passionate wife should take is exquisite and rich expressions of soft colors;Formality is calm wife should be bright and cheerful or color.Such colour atmosphere can devote herself to make his wife to sexual pleasure, give full play to her usual rich feelings not easily.In ancient times in the bedroom, we can often see hard board bed, trilateral have small pieces of the mirror, the effect is self-evident.People are willing to "sorry", for its own body there is always a desire for her own enjoyment.In the life of husband and wife, which will help to the improvement of both sex and sexual pleasure and feel.Both sides of husband and wife is in the gentle light look sexual arousal preparation phase, or even their sexual physiological reaction, can enhance the state of sexual excitement.So, contemporary sexologist encourage couples put a big mirror in the bedroom, in many actual design of the furniture and put the mirror in the main position.To see in the bedroom, the mirror should be placed in their place, away from the mirror placed at the end of the soft lamp or a candle.Reflected light from the mirror or candlelight, can make the person feel a kind of transparent feeling.As a result of reflection, the space of the bedroom seems to expand more open.Particularly fascinating is that at the moment the light seemed to come from the distant horizon, and, has a mysterious effect.If another way to put in the bedroom a mirror, a couple of you can see from different angles of two body harmoniously peristalsis, can feel two hearts more panoramic into joy.Furniture is tonal, should not be the same in the sitting room furniture in the bedroom.In the sitting room furniture should choose according to master profession, identity, more than half of dignified composed brunet.But in the bedroom, should not use too much dark, dark.Especially in the window and the decoration of the desktop, on the whole should use warm color, to enhance the psychological feeling of tender and sweet.And in the bedroom, such as painting, pendant, photos, handicraft, this kind of goods in the shop full of beautiful things in eyes, should be able to choose.Don't use those too simple, intuitive, should choose deep meaning, hazy, such images can cause husband and wife sex imagination, and even induce some illusion, helps to enhance sexual feelings.Some couples are very exquisite lamps in the bedroom to decorate, it is very necessary.Light can not only through the mirror to special feelings of husband and wife, properly placed some can adjust the size of the light and shade droplight and wall lamp or desk lamp, during sex can transmit a kind of emotional appeal, a dream-like atmosphere.Some floor lamp with western human sculptures, also can add lenovo to husband and wife life of fun.Some couples romantic emotional appeal, they pursue colorful candles that flutter, jumping more than emotional appeal, and so as to conceal his shyness or the defect of form, is a good solution.