News; sex during trave, what kind of skills are more warmly

Published: Thursday 31 July, 2014

For modern people, the busy work every day, huge pressure of life, always let us out of breath. So, in the rest of the time, can go to other places for a walk, see, modern is the best way to relax. In the trip, sex happen naturally. According to related survey, on the road of relaxation, people often can create perfect sex. Perfect sex can be gained through a variety of fresh designs, such as changing skills, change of sex site. What kind of skills have sex during your travels, stronger? The following is the travel talent to sex skills, we strongly recommend to quickly learn, make your travel more passion!
1, tied the game
In travel, we tend to be more relaxed, want to seek more stimulus. So, tied the game is the best choice. In the eyes of a woman is bound to like love is a kind of crime. Actually it is this complex, also let a lady's heart with a suit again afraid to and the mood of love, although they mouth never said. If you really want to try, then starting from the soft clothing, for example, a man's tie is a good choice. If use the handcuffs, be careful not to hurt ta's wrist. Bound don't have to be in the bedroom, you can have a lot of space in the room to play.
2, pool tenderness
In the summer, we always will choose to go to the beach, but at this time will wear swimsuit, go swimming pool, etc. So, if the pool is used for swimming, then having sex inside would be like? The thought is that you began to blush with shame? This kind of feeling, think about all feel passion. No one to pick a moment, or you go resort has its own swimming pool, so much the better. The skin, by the buoyancy of water, let the desire to accelerate combustion. Is sparkling on the water, but water you have, mood.according lawlessness. Of course, it is better to take some clothes, lest someone suddenly broke into what you hide nothing. How do some advance preparation such as foreplay, don't make love died when insufficient conditions; Dolly the buoyancy of water, you can try a lot of new posture.
3, shopping spree
In a strange place, in addition to appreciate the beauty of the local, eat food, of course also shopping. Shopping is a woman's biggest preferences, and when to buy their favorite things, is even more excited. So, at this point, let sex before the glass mirror, not only can make women see themselves, can also and of what he did, the feeling of the multiple angles, multiple numerous ripple will be. Of course, he is. Take more clothes in the dressing room, also give you leave a bit more time, even if you just the feeling of touch. Passion to, please pay more attention to your voice, rather than to make a show to the right dress comments don't will be pretty leaking out.
4, elevator passion
I'm afraid that the film will appear in the scene, but when it is true in life, this is so exciting? The elevator was selected as the scene of the object, because it has the dual properties of privacy and public, and the power of this duality is also let the lady a euphoric. It is best to choose the less of the old elevator, from top to bottom, slow is good for you, have no detection head is also a good thing. Women wear long skirt would be better, because the elevator stopped suddenly a layer, you can be in a very short time internal shape back to the calm of advance.
5, park games
Although, passionate things have happened many times in the park. But in a strange place, to the adult games in the park, will let us feel more exciting. That is always have diarrhoea, shaded by trees, almost to be discovered that stimulus, in the day and by the calm, for how can not let lady turn "off". Go to the forest park is a good idea, other parks are also high privacy can, of course. For more clothes, or in the form of a picnic, or if someone approaching, you haven't hide things.
6, car crazy
The choice of road, is a lot of people. So, in the narrow space inside the car to a passion of sex, it's very wonderful. Car is associated with life, but no correlation to the point of even sex to two or morethings, imagine the stairs in the car will be what happens? I think you will fall in love with your car, and wanted to and his passion. Of course, attention should be paid to the position of the car, safety is the first principle. Second, pay attention to keep out, don't let people discovered, attract the police can be bad.