News; soulmate Will last long time ?

Published: Tuesday 03 March, 2015

Blue yan bosom friend, it is really to understand them, understand women emotional man, believe that every woman wants to have a such a soulmate.However, soulmate can last?Let's discuss together.A man's desire for yue eye can go to bed again also does not need to bear family responsibility heterosexual friends, but that such a good chance to almost zero.So good at creating also need to find the theoretical basis of men, women can't realize confidante, make out the harmonic color, also can saying is the color of the haywire confidant.The male of the female friends as powder yan bosom friend;A woman is not far behind, the blue yan bosom friend call their male friends.Really don't weigh in hand, in the opposite sex in the gay, strictly are gay and can't get married partner called black yan bosom friend.What yellow (with), green (virtual)...And so on color confidant, many, many, overturns the augmented in the no.17 xianwen "known all over the world, friends several people" the cautionary permanently.The so-called powder yan bosom friend, is in the river of your life, once in love and stay in my memory forever woman also want to go to bed with her from time to time.Powder yan bosom friend is a loving, is talk is happy, is the time the background that unforgettable memories.Glorified think powder yan bosom friend there really is good without sex, even went to bed not for sex, is the truth, is a sign of love.People who created the powder yan bosom friend, denied powder yan bosom friend is friend, also different from confidante (because almost unable to realize), the man by her seeking physical and psychological comfort, maybe is more warm flavor, female friend..Powder yan bosom friend one day also have their own lover, lover or confidante, and so on one side a runaway, on the other side feel suddenly missing something, maybe it even powder yan bosom friend, a kind of transition.When become accustomed to this transition to a sudden time is needed to change a habit.Women, in turn, is what is called a soulmate, nowadays pop has a kind of love, called a confidant's love, also called the third type of emotion.Under a lover, friend of pure without physical relationship, but is better than just have the feelings of physical relationship.A woman's soulmate with ambiguous color.Is pure, is never pure to no body contact.Can temporarily not sex, but never is never touch the fingers.Because of the initial contact, body will produce ambiguity between two emotions, the bed is sooner or later.Actually almost like every man, every woman probably always have such a complex, want to have a soulmate.The blue yan is not her husband, not lover, but live in her spiritual and physical some comfort in the one, he may not handsome, but must be mature, reliable, considerate.He is handsome and natural and unrestrained beautiful and mature, reliable, considerate it better!Not being too close to the distance between them, too close, they know, but you cannot make a confidant.They met, preferably in a business trip or met in an accident, such as dial the wrong number, such as hair wrong email, such as the one just a click on the Internet.She has her city her home, he has his home city, but this does not prevent understand between them.Even never meet, and must be on the phone in the computer rink hijinks dig lung, tells the story of the each other each other.Soulmate, it is really to understand them, understand women feelings of man, do not care for women the joys and sorrows each, but will when meet every last drop of tears and love for her, for she every smile yue, is the first time when a woman injured injustice of the man.Women always have many words can't tell their side of the man also can't tell closest girl friend, so, look for a can care about her to love her but would not let her suffering to want to love to hate men.Women at this time of the soulmate secret, are brothers, are sisters.Is the other party didn't think of yourself as a woman, and she is not take each other as a man, in fact, the more it constantly reiterated that the more I worry that they will be out of step.So, no matter what color do you refer to, once the relationship is opposite sex friend is very dangerous, a little step forward, will stumble derailed, beyond redemption.Realistically, said man good sole purpose, to a woman not to get this woman's heart, is to get this woman's body, that's all.For men and women good purpose also is such, just get the body desire less get heart desires come true.Women are more care about is the heart, get a man's heart than to get more let a woman proud of his body, whereas men care about is the body, to get more than a woman's body to get more more worth to show off a woman's heart, get much heart, will only bring burden to men.If men or women, the way Ada confidant hearts forever but absolutely can't do a lifetime don't let each other to get one's own body, but also let yourself in the position of his heart has always been the same, only pay will have return, your concern nature will also get the other person's concerns.If not careful care without micro, how to get the other party may be content to be your lifetime friend?Want others to meticulous care about you love you, only you tell someone you first secret and grievance in my mind.Between people is mutual, love is pay will have return.We all have more or less a friend, but it is always eager to have a TieJi opposite sex friend forever accompany in side or live in my heart, that's dependence on a confidant.When you begin to rely on a person's time, the charm of nature he has let you surrendering, physical contact is almost inevitable, will be to sink in.Do you want to really can do it all be life's most intimate men and women almost impossible.Even may only be a transition, bosom friend can say the truth, but not warm each other, the only way of heating between friends can only is the heating of the soul, could not become heating body, once into the body to keep warm, friends will face two results, or lose, or become a lover.