News; Don't let the older reason into married

Published: Tuesday 03 March, 2015

Many women will because older, you will find a look right to marry.Marry is a very serious thing, can't make do, a happy marriage is to tell the feelings.Recently, there is a single "runaway bride", make half a month on the Internet.Didn't complicated plot - before the wedding, a wedding emcee tweeting, said an hour before the wedding, the groom told him, drive away the bride.Things came out, the Internet, some people say that the bride fraud, some say the bride is to abandon his family circumstances is not good.Finally, the bride you can't resist, find the reporter insider.Originally, two people before marriage eat three meals, no feelings.The bride also said, let me very impressive words --"I am wrong is wrong in that old can do."This is not only her, is also a lot of girls.Because, with China's opinions about love for a woman's age requirement is very strict, so the older, many girls would be panic, want to do, to find someone to marry, is better than "leftover" down.But the truth is often prove: marriage still want to talk about the feelings of, is will not.Why is that?Because on the marriage, there will at least two places to the uncomfortable.First of all, the two values are not consistent, often conflict - as said on the runaway bride, she also thought originally, each other, as long as willing to obey his anything at all to say.However, after further contact, she found that there was a big difference between the man and her values.As she valued communicate with each other, think everyone should open to express thoughts;But the man don't think so, something you will only find her parents said.This kind of the conflicts of values, can make marriage every moment of the day is full of crisis.Do you want to go to the east, he determined to west, the old can't go together of two people, after all is spent.Second, will, means that the other party to meet your expectations, also means that many of your expectations will be disappointed, you are in my life in hunger - as above, the bride, she is a longing for a romantic person, has been repeatedly questioned many times: "your face is not romantic husband, what line not line?"This shows that her heart is very seriously.But it happened that the man would not be such a person, by far the most romantic move is confined to send flowers and chocolate, the rest of the time, the two little spark.Couples, if can't meet each other's expectations, most of the time, then, they will have to is in a state of "hungry" for a long time, is just like a child, are hungry for a long time, nature is not for a long time.Therefore, the bride finally choose to give up the marriage, is also a good thing, of course, if she can face early, early decision, that also need not everyone is so mess.