News; The most basic common sense in sex

Published: Tuesday 03 March, 2015

Sexual intercourse in the traditional sense of the sexual intercourse (also called sex, sex, make love, etc.), is refers to the penis insertion vagina, penis and vagina through contact with pleasure, one side or two sides eventually reach orgasm process (male orgasm ejaculation).In this level, the function of sexual intercourse, is makes the sperm and egg meet and combination, thus makes women pregnant to produce the next generation, achieve the goal of human numerous extended continuously.And animal purely reproductive function, human sexual intercourse (sex), more time is in order to obtain the psychological and physical pleasure, to a certain degree of sexual satisfaction, therefore, the concept of human sexual intercourse, in a broad sense, in addition to the penis and vagina contact, also includes the stimulus of various apparatus in sex and pleasure area, so there is a uniquely human such as oral sex, anal sex, homosexuality, sexual noun, sex is a method of sexual gratification, but sexual content not only refers to sexual intercourse.The view point of purely for sexual gratification, sexual intercourse with a variety of sexual skill.Actually these skills are nothing more than tell men how to exercise, how to caress, how women movement, how to the men's caress.So to master the theory of intercourse, to increase the sexual skill, increase the pleasure of sex is helpful.Now, of course, people often call sex sex (make love), the network is often abbreviated to ML.Sometimes obscure some of the men called agricultural, Hong Kong and Taiwan is sometimes called "make love", sometimes also called "sex".People should know some sex: male sex drive faster than women, the erectile tissue of the penis in a short time, receive the stimulus will quickly erection.Men reach orgasm (after ejaculation), sexual excitement quickly disappear, the penis become soft.The excitement of women development is slow, need time is long, after the climax, there will be a process of subsided.The climax of the women, and sometimes will show the ejaculation (water), the general situation is the contraction of vaginal occurrence regularity, at that time women will want a male insert more powerful, more quickly.Typically male orgasm earlier than women, so in order for women to receive sexual gratification, men need to know more about caressing and insertion technique, sexual skills generally includes caressing techniques, such as hand skills, skills, etc.;Insert techniques, such as depth change, rhythm and frequency variation, etc., such as the change of the Angle.On the basis of these basic skills at the same time, people summarized many kinds of sexual intercourse posture and sexual intercourse terms, such as the nine shallow depth, the old man cart, missionary, puppy, lateral horizontal, etc.To be sure, many sports, conscious exercise, can make men more interested in, more