News; Why male sperm's collor is yellow?

Published: Thursday 26 February, 2015

Why male sperm yellow?If you are pregnant, so must be more concerned about the question: why would the sperm yellow?And found the problem, often is a woman.It's not hard to imagine the picture, is trying to make people of husband and wife, after sex, men fall asleep exhausted, and women tend to need "to clean up the battlefield", you will find: stay in their semen in the vagina is thick is thin, color how?Why sperm yellow?There are four reasons
1, abstinence time is too long If a man for a long time no sex, no ejaculation, so its sperm concentration will be a little higher, so the color of semen will be yellow.You don't have to worry about completely, return to a normal sexual life, semen color natural ivory will return to normal.
2, reproductive infection When a man appears prostatitis, seminal vesicle phlogistic, can also cause sperm yellowing phenomenon, if the prostate and seminal vesicle inflammation, bacteria can produce stimulation to sperm in semen, so that the semen quality to drop, can also cause yellowing of sperm, must be timely medical treatment.
3, sperm deformity rate is high Don't be alarmed by the "abnormal", basically every man with each ejaculation, tens of thousands of sperm, there are always some dysplasia of deformed guy, as long as the ratio is not high, they will not affect the normal pregnancy.In general, if the sperm deformity sperm more than 20%, then can make semen yellow color.At this point you will need to promptly to assay sperm deformity rate, suit the remedy to the case.
4, sperm agglutination Due to the existence of sperm antibodies, causing the sperm agglutination itself, let not liquefied occur seminal vesicle.This will also cause sperm yellowing phenomenon.