News; what is normal male semen index

Published: Thursday 26 February, 2015

Semen sperm health is very important to every male, because it is related to health and fertility problems, but the presence of dead sperm disease in modern society, and not only the road blocked, male fertility also lead to physical and mental health is threatened because of this, but many men for the standards of sperm, sperm is what all don't understand, leading to their own health be affected, so early found early treatment is very important.But what is the normal male semen indicator?Men what is a normal semen index, liquefied time: just take out the semen as gel, but completely due to 60 minutes at room temperature.Liquefied incomplete or semen liquefaction will affect sperm activity.2, color: normal semen for uniform grey opal color, the color is too clear, may be sperm concentration is too low.Three, semen volume: sanya and the doctor said that the amount of normal ejaculation is 1 at a time.5 ~ 5.5 and the cc.Semen too often because of seminal vesicle inflammation;Too little semen could be the result of chronic inflammation of the prostate and seminal vesicle.Four, sperm concentration, sperm counter is used to calculate, normal sperm concentration at least more than twenty million per milliliter (20 x106 / ml).Five, the sperm activity: generally divided into four levels: a level: fast forward;Class b: slow progress;Class c: in situ;D: don't move.Normal sperm activity for grade a and b, at least 50% or 25% belong to a level.Six, sperm morphology: normal sperm morphology, the head is ovoid, 4.0 ~ 5.5 um and 2 wide.5 to 3.5 um.Top 40 ~ 70% of the total head body, and no neck, middle, or at the end of the exception.Usually after further fixed dyeing treatment to correct analysis.