News; How to use the sexual fantasy inspire his wife's sexual desire?

Published: Monday 02 February, 2015

Question: the wife of sexuality seems to have been is not high, every time love love, need a long time foreplay.I heard that sexual fantasies can stimulate female sexuality, how should I use sexual fantasies to stimulate her desire?Answer: for women, sexual fantasy is not only a good "start" sex tools, especially when they are due to some reason is hovering on the edge of the orgasm a boost in the fantasy of the mysterious garden, sex to another pleasure.As familiar with the body of the limitations of the limit of sex, accompany when intimate contact become daily monotonous repetition, over time, the body began to dry, lust became flat, the orgasm has started missing.Read some books sexual fantasiesAccording to the survey, 84% of men and 67% of women, both through sexual fantasy, sexual experience.One of the most famous female sex fantasy books, Nancy.Frieda's "my secret garden", the women from all over the world are talking about the most effective to them all kinds of sexual fantasies.In fact, every woman has her sexual fantasies of secret garden.Dew watering their garden, also watered love, let the lovers both sides broke through the constraints of physical reality, bring diverse reality and experience sex.Tell her about the benefits of sexual fantasiesCheerful fantasy itself is a source of pleasure, sexual fantasies can promote excitement, upgrade experience.Sexology authority according to the report, 71% of men and 72% of women will increase during sex fantasies to excitement.Expect the sexual fantasy provides a rehearsal space, can help to overcome the anxiety and cover is not very satisfactory sexual experiences.At the same time, will strongly looking forward to the next sexual experience, and look forward to is the march of "sex" process.To realize "forbidden things" for ordinary people, it can produce itching feeling, and sexual fantasies will release and implement the "forbidden" desire, to produce alternative sexual experience. Shape for sexual fantasiesShut the lights, let darkness of space.Darkness is a kind of mysterious force, is pure natural stimuli.Close the heart, let the mind calm down.Focus is fantasy run, the higher the concentration, the greater the effectiveness of the fantasy.For foreplay, let the imagination to life.Before formally into play, can advance the wings of imagination, sexual energy to savings, and put it into positive battlefield.Help boost fantasyLet her eyes closed, but you can outsource agonist fantasy.The durex partner gel coating on her induction appeal, detonated two feel passionate response.The gel has two kind of different feeling, smooth gel, bring the burning heat;Bring cool appreciate great temptation to gel,;Mix together the wonderful reaction more stimulating let a person get drunk, let her experience the pleasure of should, power on, fantasy, goofy.Give her about a variety of fantasyYou can give her interpretation of a variety of fantasy.Situation fantasy: as you can imagine in the blue sky green space, between each other, nature and humanity;Can also back to ancient times, the attic greenhouses, comfortable and clinking;Can also come to exotic beach, partner in seawater and play.To sum up, transformation of the context of the fantasy can let each other more quickly into the theatre.Role transposition: can in language, movement, expression, etc will be your role transposition, create imaginary space to each other.For example, a woman can to think of myself as the ancient Greek goddess Venus, she was born in the foam of the sea, came to Mount Olympus, in their own city of beautiful mini poured the gods;And men can have to think of myself as the forces of nature of Poseidon Poseidon east, fitness, make enough ladies man.With the help of the illusion of divine character can bring performance of ascension, awakens the deep spiritual, bring the satisfaction of the unity of the man of god.