News; Prolong ejaculation will have your girlfriend orgasm many times

Published: Monday 02 February, 2015

Perfect sex life is subject to a orgasm ended the climax of women often slower than men, so men need more care of women feel during sex, and learn to control the ejaculation, prolong sex, make women feel enjoy multiple orgasms.Women have multiple orgasmsStarting from the physiological characteristics of men and women, the female orgasm is supposed to be the sooner the better, male orgasm is to be as late as possible.This is because women's ability to have multiple orgasms, sexual intercourse duration, can appreciate the pleasant of multiple orgasms, male orgasm in the general case with ejaculation occur simultaneously (special circumstances can also occur multiple orgasms, in also can make multiple orgasms).Sex 7 let woman scream all night long A woman orgasm dysfunction?Extend to increase the number of female orgasm ejaculationIn normal sexual life, men should try to control and to extend the time of ejaculation, so that the female orgasm before this.Standard practice is to make women first reached the clitoris form of orgasm, this process mainly by caress, hands or mouth and genital contact is the key to achieve clitoral orgasm, sex can directly and indirectly, stimulation of the clitoris will also continue to clitoral orgasm, may also induce vaginal orgasm.End in the form of vaginal orgasmIn the form of vaginal orgasm over sex.Male and female ejaculation time vaginal orgasm can be close to the time, is not to completely in sync.Some people are more willing to experience the female orgasm clearly vaginal contractions and hugged and content of the sound of "call bed", the pleasure makes men can't stand and control had to ejaculation, reaching orgasm is more comfortable and happy.Orgasm is not synchronous only then to be perfectIn general, it is good to orgasm synchronization, if out of sync, but men and women to achieve the satisfaction of both parties, in the end are also still is perfectly normal to have an orgasm, never should have the so-called simultaneous orgasm as a goal, make originally has perfect sex overshadowed.