News; Often eat apple helps the female sexual arousal

Published: Thursday 22 January, 2015

Often eat apple has many health benefits.According to England "daily mail" reported on July 9, a new study has found that in Italy, apple is a kind of low calorie snacks, and women "aphrodisiacs," eat an apple a day can improve the female sexual function, enhance sexual pleasure.In the new study, researchers in Italy to 731 women 18 ~ 43 years old Italian health are analyzed.Women volunteers were randomly divided into two groups: a group of at least once a day for 1 ~ 2 apples, another group of 0 ~ 0.5 apple every day.Were women also fill out the information on female sexual function index (FSFI) - answer about sexual function, sexual frequency, orgasm, lubrication and 19 questions of overall satisfaction, and so on and so forth.The results found that eating an apple every day can make FSFI score increased significantly, indicating that more sexual pleasure.The study found that eating apples helps women to enhance lubrication degree and sexual function.