News; Women often multiple orgasms is good or not ?

Published: Thursday 22 January, 2015

After orgasm refers to the sexual stimulation, physical and psychological reaction for sexual pleasure.Often have ejaculation, blushing physiological performance, convulsions, etc.Both men and women orgasm.Orgasm is produced in the long-term evolution of a human body instinct, self nature is to have the ability to launch and pay the orgasm reaction.Orgasm reaction, therefore, there is no damage for women's health.Modern scientific research results show that orgasm can improve the functional status of the body, is beneficial to health of body and mind.The female orgasm is produced by the clitoris stimulation, often have several physiological performance: outstanding female clitoris swells, along with the high tide to beat;Women's vagina sphincter will be intermittent contraction;Female vaginal secretions increase;Women will cry or unconscious to moan, also known as the bed;Women in after orgasm, does not like men from orgasm fade immediately, often still revel in it, this is called "finish".Some women have muscle after orgasm collapse phenomenon, the phenomenon that women will have legs soft feeling;After some of the female orgasm will be in high spirit, the skin is very red;Some women experience orgasm secretions poured out in great quantities, known as the female ejaculation, mainly from these fluids in keane's gland.Sex experts said in 100 women between 25 and 30 women have this experience.So, women many times orgasm is harmful to the body?I think most women are full of doubt on this question.Female sexual intercourse if many times a day, and every time sexual intercourse, women have sex or sexual reaction is very weak, even if the number is more, also not too big effect to the body, just survived the penis in and out of physical vaginal stimulation.If can reach orgasm every time, generally 20 to 30 minutes after orgasm physical reactions such as pelvic congestion will gradually fade, body return to normal state.After that if a orgasm again, also won't have any adverse effect to the body.If every time a female sexual intercourse were fully aroused, enter the platform period and can't reach orgasm, pelvic congestion, President of the time, about 4 to 6 hours to recede, over time, can cause chronic pelvic congestion or even congestion, lower abdominal fall bilge feeling, pain, or dysmenorrhea, etc.