News; 4 keays to Start the sexual desire

Published: Wednesday 21 January, 2015

Sexuality is a kind of instinct.In general, start the sexuality requires four basic, it's like 4 keys, he won the sexual feeling is happiness, happiness:First, the psychological drive, namely for heterosexual love psychological activities.Especially on the basis of sincere feelings, the most easy to men and women both parties hope to arouse desire body contact and caress.Sexology association vice-chairman of guangdong province, shenzhen TaoLin professor, director of the center for family planning, points out that it appeared to be extremely obvious in women."A woman must be to the person you like, at the very least satisfied with each other's looks, occupation, personality, that may have desires. Not sure relationship can let a woman could not, has a sense of crisis."Second, sexual maturity.With the growth, sexual maturity, sex hormone levels in the body will increase abruptly, they are driving the impulsion of sexual desire.Third, increased organ in secrete substances, such as male semen, prostate fluid, female vestibular big gland fluid, etc.Peking University first hospital of doctor of vice director of center of male zhi-chao zhang pointed out that the sexual organs are filled with the secretion, can produce bloated with feeling, and the filling material desire to drain out.The situation appeared to be extremely strong in young adults.Fourth, always sex pleasant feelings and experience, can produce reflex, become a kind of power to induce sexual desire in the future.Sexuality is a physiological manifestation, but at the same time is closely related to psychological factors, culture, education and so on, and restricted by social environment and the moral law.Zhi-chao zhang stressed that understanding of sexual desire shall have the right people, is not depressive, nor wanton indulgence.