News; Ten ways to sex appeal

Published: Tuesday 29 July, 2014

International relationships and emotional expert John gray, points out that women are not born sexual repression, a man is not born master. During sex, both sides should try to find a suitable for men and for women "sexual technique", create a harmonious relationship.
Ten ways to add dynamic sex
1, responsible for their sexual pleasure.
Mainly for his wife, and the wife shall have the right to sexual pleasure to ask for the initiative. When the spirit is bad, in poor health, should politely refuse her husband. During sex, want oneself to find their own pleasure, and trying to make her husband understand your needs.
2, harmonious happy happy everyday life conducive to the promotion of sex.
In daily life, between husband and wife take care of each other, understand each other, is to strengthen the relationship and harmonious emotional appeal, the best way to improve the intimacy.
3, constantly changing the way sex.
In a way for a long time, prone to boredom. The two sides should continue to innovate, can try different time and different environment, different locations, different positions, and so on.
4, don't wait for an orgasm.
Women are hard to reach orgasm, might as well try some other way of sex, such as self touch stimulation, watch with sexual content of painting and calligraphy, etc., it could help.
5, should have the appropriate sexual fantasies.
In this way, can increase the pleasure of both parties.
6, don't bring discontent into sex.
If at that time the quarrel, sulk and complain, and do not cooperate with each other during sex, or suspended sex, would give the sex brings hidden trouble in the future.
7, sexual life questions to consult experts in a timely manner.
If party a sexual problem, must not shy man, otherwise it will bring more family troubles.
8, every time all not to be perfect.
Some people (especially men) always expect every one-time life perfect, otherwise not remorse is to blame each other. You know, an expert also hard to do every time all perfect.
9, don't put the sex fail to see is overweight.
Man present impotence, women accidentally reach orgasm, is normal phenomenon, need not always hanging in the heart, lest produce anxiety, tension, etc., bring negative effect after sex life.
10 and create a harmonious environment of sex.
Happy happy and harmonious environment of sex of level has a positive role in promoting. Messy bedroom, noise, no isolation facilities, etc., will seriously affect the quality and quantity of sex.