News; Why too much sperm will lead to sterility ?

Published: Wednesday 21 January, 2015

My wife married for three years, are bosom not on children, the doctor said I was too much so that infertility, sperm sperm too much what name, please?I heard that only in the past too little sperm would infertility!Too much of the research has shown that sperm counts, infertility, but the specific reason and standard, at present there is debate in the medical community.Generally considered too much disease refers to the total number of sperm per ejaculate sperm, or significantly higher than that of normal sperm density.Because swimming sperm counts too much can interfere with sperm, sperm count too much too quickly consumes energy.Excessive disease has been found that some sperm started motility is stronger, but in a few hours later, the sperm activity weakened sharply.Too much sperm together across the road to the egg, more refined into the egg of phenomenon, seriously interfere with the normal process of fertilization, the egg cause infertility.