News; How to maintain sexual desire after marriage

Published: Friday 16 January, 2015

To avoid misunderstanding in the loveLove feeling, often have a lot of misunderstanding, the most afraid of be "you don't ask, he does not speak.Communication is the bridge of interpersonal relationship, between husband and wife also need to communicate, not only should communicate feelings, sex and communication.Between lovers, of course, devotion and return to each other, each other are generally tacitly, few words to say.But the "exchange" actually does exist, but precisely because of the dedication of the one who won't say, the other party is more easily ignored, unwittingly slander each other's heart more easily.Don't let him in bed like a coolie is trying to please you.If you want him to stay in one place, you say it.When he has meet your requirements, should also let him know.If he did wrong, don't blamed, expressed in a more gentle way, say you prefer this or that.Soulful to touchMany couples seldom soulful to touch each other.They may feel uncomfortable about this, but often touch each other, is one of the best techniques for eliminating psychological barriers of emotion.Must form the good habit of touching the other party, held his hand at the movies, for example, when watching TV together with his fingers up and down gently sweep of his arm, and from time to time to give each other a kiss.Don't give in to each other often conveys information "don't get close to me", even if he kiss in the morning when you get to spend you just apply good lipstick, and for you to learn that he deep feeling, compared to the same signal back apparently trivial make-up.Looking for free time sexAre you busy, he is more busy, busy to have no time to make love?That how sex.Try to fit make love, can let you rekindle the passion.If there are ten minutes is available, try to a quick love love.It may sounds like a ridiculous suggestion, but you won't know until you try the taste.Sometimes, rapidly intimacy is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, many couples appreciate sharply sex brought about by the stimulus, which can make secret only belong to two people feeling.Change sex placeThe bed should not be the only place which you make love.When you get excited in the home, but on the way to bedrooms, there would be many things distract, soon if not.Experts point out that if you want to enjoy more and better sex, when it is desire to act immediately.Restaurant, carpets, sofa...Can make you enjoy a good place.