News; Judge a man's sperm degree of health

Published: Friday 16 January, 2015

A man how to distinguish between their sperm are healthy?Many people will say, this simple directly to the hospital check is not good, but are you sure you have the time to check?First registered, queuing, such as these, it is not so easy as you think, below small make up the easiest way to tell you, don't want to go to the hospital and can know whether their sperm normal, healthy.To determine whether a male semen normal conditions:activityStraight forward rapidly in sperm movement is 50% or higher.colorNormal is gray or slightly yellow.Milky white or yellowish green tips or genital tract vice gonad inflammation;Pink, red, under a microscope to see red blood cells of hemospermia, common in the gonads, posterior urethral inflammation, occasionally seen in tuberculosis or tumor.consistencyContact with a glass rod has semen liquefaction, gently holding, can form the semen silk, when its normal length less than 2 cm.Liquefaction timeAfter normal sperm injection, in under the action of seminal vesicle coagulase into gelatin, the 15 ~ 30 minutes in prostate liquid enzyme into liquid, under the action of the semen liquefaction.Ejaculate after 30 minutes, semen is still not liquefied belongs to the exception. Semen volumeNormal or 2 ml.Greater than 7 ml for too much, not only to reduce the density of sperm, and easy to issue from the vagina, so as to reduce the total number of sperm, common in seminal vesicle phlogistic;Less than 2 ml for semen quantity too little, but usually with 1 ml of the following for less.The sperm and the female reproductive tract contact area is small, or because of the viscous does not favor the sperm into her cervix mouth cause infertility, common in severe inflammation of the pair of gonad, low testosterone levels, ejaculatory duct obstruction and retrograde ejaculation, etc.