News; Five tips to improve sexual

Published: Thursday 15 January, 2015

In many places, the topic of sex is people shun, even sex problems, also won't actively improve.In fact, sex is a basic human rights.Sex makes people healthy, encouraged, also beneficial to health.So, whether men or women, should abide by the following principles, in an effort to improve sex.Share sexual fantasies.The brain is the most powerful organ in us.Share each other's sexual fantasies can rekindle the passion and desire.A sexual fantasy, often can let us get rid of inertia, try new stimulus and experience in sex.Language communication.Sex of magic letters is a powerful aphrodisiac.Through the communication between partners to understand each other's feelings, preferences and desires, to keep the harmonious interaction of the body, in sex can greatly enhance the pleasure of sex.Pay attention to partner requirements.Many people are not skills of sex, the only way to improve is to be aware of their partner's needs.Women may need more hugs and kisses and caress, men need to feel loved, was worshipped, was to cherish.Away on holiday.Sun, sea, beach, romantic, candlelight dinner, dancing, can't afford to stay in bed, no children disturb, holiday woman is sexy bomb, action, and to go on vacation together.Learn to understand.Sometimes, one party will temporarily to sex devoid of interest, might as well confess the truth at the moment, but must with honest attitude, such as: "I don't want to make love now, but want a hug ok ?"