News; What method can promote male sex ability

Published: Sunday 11 January, 2015

Ask: every man like to improve their sexual ability, I am no exception.But I don't want to take medicine, I feel have side effect to the body.Heard through sports can promote sexual ability, so what what method can promote sexual ability, and won't damage your health?Answer: men want to behave better and better in bed, but the medicine is clearly not a long-term solution, which is easy to form the drug dependence and may produce side effects.And sport is healthy, in addition to exercise, can also through diet and daily regulation, to improve men's sexual ability, make sex more perfect.Exercise every day and a half hoursDo every day and a half hours sweating movement.Aerobic cardiopulmonary exercise is good for body health, and then improve sexual performance.Half an hour every day sweat sports (running or swimming, etc.) can improve sexual desire.Enhance the capacity of sex can choose aerobic exercise such as yoga, swimming, aerobics, etc.Eating the right foodsSome food helps to improve blood flow to the penis, such as Onions and garlic.Bananas are high in potassium, can smooth blood pressure;Chili and pepper can improve blood flow, reduce high blood pressure and inflammation;Salmon, tuna, avocado, food can strengthen blood flow;Pork, peanuts and kidney bean and other foods rich in vitamin B group is beneficial to improve the nervous system, the brain can be more smoothly to the penis signal;Eggs are rich in B vitamins, helps to balance hormone, reduce the pressure.Choose a better method of contraceptionSexual life is inseparable from the contraception and birth control method has a lot of kinds, men should choose the most healthy way, away from the unhealthy contraception.Such as in vitro ejaculation contraception is no good, because this method needs to interrupt intercourse, a side not feeling, will inevitably influence on adverse psychological, over time, prone to sexual debility, cause premature ejaculation, impotence, etc.Due to choose to use durex condoms and other contraception, insurance with both guarantee effect, and healthy.Good heart good for sexThe American heart association guidelines, points out that penile erectile great relationship with blood pressure condition and brain signals.The heart pumps blood capability is strong, the penis blood is more stable, erectile hardness and better maintain time.Heart-healthy lifestyle is good sex.Don't smoke or drinkMale erectile difficulties one big reason is that smoking and drinking alcohol.Although several studies have found that red wine can improve blood flow, but excessive drinking can have the opposite effect.Smoking can lead to vascular narrowing, leading to ED and systemic vascular disease.Often in the sunshineSunshine helps to inhibit melatonin levels in the body, the hormone can interfere with sleep, not only can also affect the sexual desire.The less melatonin, sexual desire is more strong.Winter should go outside a day, in the sun.Relieve the pressure on their ownStress can easily lead to rapid heartbeat (negative effect), and blood pressure, reduced libido and sexual function.Active, and talk about their own spouse pressure helps to relieve stress, enhance the relationship.Meet their partner's sexual desireDo not only help to better meet your partner's sexual demand, make its gain pleasure from sex, but also help to arouse their lust, to better grasp the rhythm of sex.There is a problem in time to see the doctorSome patients with erectile dysfunction should seek timely medical help, when go to a doctor don't ashamed to sexual problems.The medication usually help ease.