News; How to control the ejaculation and enjoy sex orgasm

Published: Sunday 11 January, 2015

For men and women in sexual orgasm is the ultimate goal.Due to physiological differences, woman difficult to orgasm, while men are more likely to.This also leads to many women, even in sex cannot orgasm will not feel lost.But different men, the climax of men, although come fast, go too fast, it also means the arrival of the ejaculation.So, the man how to high point of the control, how to better sex orgasm?Netizen 1, relaxation hip and leg musclesLoosen the leg and hip muscles.In sex, ejaculation is controlled by the PC muscle, at this moment, hip and thigh muscles and nervous.Although some people think that the muscles tense can enhance pleasure, but also make high tide come faster.Therefore, try to let the muscles relax, can help you to delay climax comes.2, take easy to orgasm control positionDuring sex, if you and your partner adopt some postures, under the male female orgasm is easier to control.And male host, because the male body weight on the penis, the body at the same time to keep up and down or left and right movement, cause muscle more nervous, though this will also bring pleasure, but it is not easy to control.Netizens 3, using throat breathing control ejaculationMen can prolong sex through breathing, such as throat breathing method.This is a method of yoga breathing, it is a bit like nose breath, but slower and more smooth.Method is: relax, thoughts on the nose, breathing slowly, make it become calm and rhythmically.After a period of time, the mind to your throat, gently laryngeal muscles contraction, pronouncing "ah" sound at the same time, like a baby sleep lightly snoring, the whole process of breathing slowly.It is said that this technique is men's patent.The arrival of the erect penis fully wet vagina, can use.Through it, men in addition to free to control breath, encourage women to orgasm, can before ejaculation emergency control himself better.Netizen 4, break the idea to try the sexual climaxBreak the concept, sex don't have to have an orgasm.And the more worry climax came early, it would be easier to accelerate it.Therefore, may try to end without ejaculation sex.After this several times, you can put the sex and orgasm and control it would be easier.5, the urine emptying before sexBefore sex, go to the toilet urine emptying can control the climax.Because the bladder beside the prostate can cause ejaculation, if your bladder is full of urine, it is easy to ejaculation, are difficult to control.6, set up their own sexual confidenceThere are many factors which can affect ejaculation, don't cry because it once or twice prematurely, "premature ejaculation" on to button his own hat.If the more you worry, the easier it is out of control in sex.Even if really found themselves with sexual dysfunction, also want to timely communication with your partner, find a way to treat together.If it is not persistent in the sex, you can try the durex persistent condoms, this condom contains benzocaine delay agent, can effectively prolong sex, let you enjoy the orgasm.